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    in this economy you need to save mone while getting good stuff.Walgreens diapers ar 19.99 (14.99 if you print off a coupon)and you get a pack of forty medium,36 large,or 32 xl.whats more is they have improved the quility i have a big blader and these things can hold up to three and a half to for four large wettings.they have a clothe like outside with reusable tabs and whold more than depends or the cvs version thats more bang for your buck.

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    I tried wallgreens diapers before and they are worse then depends. I consider it better to save up money and buy quality diapers/items.

    Rather then buy store brand diapers you will be disappointed in, save up and buy Bambino'a dry 24/7's or abena, etc. Sure it sucks not having diapers, but I think it sucks even more waiting longer to get your hands on quality stuff.

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    3-4 large wettings? Is your bladder the size of a peanut?

    I'm a cheap person, but I can't stand to go for diapers that leave me worrying constantly about leaks. I'd much rather wait it out and get quality diapers.

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