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    What do you think the maximum waist size Pampers 7 will fit is? I have a friend who said he could wear them at 28. I'm about a 32 and I was wondering if I should get to buying them.. x3 They're adorable. Think they would fit a 32 waist?

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    Your waist size in irrelevant. The diapers will no go up that high. Your butt and thigh size is what is important.

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    Erm.. is there such a thing as butt size?

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    I know I fit into the largest Goodnites if that would help. I doubt they're anywhere near the same size but..

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    There are some very small skinny AB/DLs girls out there and pampers size 7 look like bikini bottoms on them. I mean just hanging on by the tabs below which are below the hips. If you want to be able to move or pee you need something bigger.

    Put it another way when I was 12 and had no body fat I could get into pampers size 6 without tape about half the time, and they are probably the same size as the 7s today.

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    I have something bigger. Just wondering if I could switch it out for the Pampers. Eh.. I'll buy. If they don't fit, my normal diapers are getting some extra stuffing~

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    well im the writer of the size 7 review on the wiki, first best get your self one of those mesuring tape taylors use and mesure around the largest part of your bum and thigs, if you more than 30 i would chose somthing else and save your money.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Yeah... You're probably also too tall for Pampers 7.

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    Only one way to find out, buy some Pampers!! That's what I did, even though I was quite hesitant at first, but the smell is so damn adorable, and if you can fit into them, you gotta make the most of it while you can still fit into them. If not, then you didn't waste any money, because they're perfect stuffers as well. I recently bought some Pampers 6's from walmart like 2 weeks ago, although they kinda fit me, the tapes can have problems. I like the fact that they don't leak as easily in the end as other diapers, and they're actually called diapers XD. In the end it's your decision, but I would buy the pack because it seems from your waist size like you'll probably fit into them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moth View Post
    Think they would fit a 32 waist?

    I bought a bag of them from target before just for kicks and to use as booster pads. I was ( still am) 30/32 inch waist and they just bearly "fit" me. They are not worth it at all though since if you move to much the taps will pop off, thus causing it to fell off. Then the other problem is they are made for babies, not teenagers/adults.

    They will not be able to hold what you put out, and even if they did, it would be uncomfortable. Your best off saving up and buying diapers that properly fit you, even if they don't have cartoon designs on the front. Though you can always add those yourself by printing your own diaper tapes and using clear mailing tape.

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