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    Before I even start my story, I am saying that this is a sensitive topic for some and should be dealt with the upmost respect for each and every member who voices their opinion on this thread.

    Over the past couple of weeks in school, I have seen a lot of my friends change personalities when confronted with love. One friend is in a deep relationship with his girlfriend and have a very intimate and close relationship even though there are issues in the perspective of mutual jealousy. Another is in love with a girl who is effectively turning him into a tranny each morning (straightening hair, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick) and in many ways can be a sadist. Another bypassed the possibility of entering a relationship even though last week he was deeply motivated into forcing himself into a relationship. Another has had two different girlfriends in the past week and has gone emo (suicidal thoughts, cutting himself) when they broke up with him respectively. I myself have completely accepted my bisexuality, but have not been in a relationship for more than two years and have not made myself in searching for one. After seeing four of my close friends go through these scenarios with love this confuses me as to what the true definition of love is? It is a passion? A poison? A mask that covers one's true emotions? One that brings joy? One that lusts desire? One that lusts for destruction? It is very confusing and now I am asking you what do you think love is? In your opinion, how do you define love? I can't define love because it is just a complex word that has everything revolved around it. Any words of wisdom?

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    Words are an ineffective vehicle by which to express the idea of love.

    Love rears its head, whether ugly or beautiful, to everyone in different forms. We trick ourselves often into thinking we know what love is, what it feels like, how it should be expressed, and what it makes us do. Love is ever-elusive -- we reach out to grab it, think we've gotten it, and sometimes just catch its shadow. Yet, likely when we don't expect it, it reaches out to embrace us and teaches us exactly what we've been missing all along.

    It changes from person to person, for the better and the worse. At least, that's my idea of it.

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    Though I like what Dawes wrote, and my thoughts are certainly not complete, I once wrote a long rambling paragraph on my perspective of love.

    "I hate it when people think they know what love is, I can't blame them. I was like that once. Love isn't this bullshit love at first sight crap. It's not this shallow attraction you have from your dick getting a tingle from their looks or actions. It's not some sanctimonious bond of heavenly paths intertwining. It's not a bond you make to pay the bills, make the rent and buy groceries on Sunday. Love isn't fucking every night or sleeping in separate beds in a 2 bedroom flat. Love isn't a warm home and a white picket fence. Love is someone you can talk to, to understand you even when it doesn't make sense. To be your rock and you be theirs. Love is waking up and feeling gut wrenching agony when they're not beside you; then feeling like an idiot when they call you for breakfast. Love is coming home and decreeing to the world that it fucking sucks and damn the all the shitstains that live it. Except them; because they make life worth it."

    Like I said, I rambled a lot here. I think I was a little drunk at the time. But it feels right to me.

    Another is in love with a girl who is effectively turning him into a tranny each morning (straightening hair, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick) and in many ways can be a sadist.
    You know there is entire legion of guys that would line up to date a girl like this,

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    Here's my personal opinion of what love is. Love is different for everyone so it's hard for one person to tell you what it is, but this is what love means to me:

    Love is something that consumes you, it's something that is unmistakable once you find it and it's a feeling that you'll never forget (as much as you would like to sometimes). It's that feeling of melting away when you look into their eyes, it's when you still get butterflies every time you see them, it's the feeling of serenity when you hold their hand, and it's that immense joy you feel whenever you make them smile. Love is everlasting, it's something that has the ability to cause great joy or enormous pain, it's amazing, yet it can still be dreadful at times. Love is when you can spend hours doing nothing with them and not get bored, it's when you're having a bad day and just getting a text from them cheers you up, love is knowing that no matter what you do or what happens...they will always be there for you and will support you to the very end.

    That's my sappy little opinion, but I guess I'm a hopeless romantic

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    Love is a curiosity to an aromantic asexual. Love sounds like an amazing, enviable thing that puts happiness within easy reach. Love sounds like something worth living life over.

    Love is something that to live without leaves a difficult gap to fill.
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    To myself love is something that makes me feel complete when I have it and completely destroyed when I don't have it.
    Even tho it's irrational and can come out of nowhere I seem to live on this emotion constantly trying to find someone to love and love me back

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    On Love and Things

    Love is a lot like a plushie,
    you can hug,
    and squeeze
    'til it's lost.

    Love is a lot like a blanket,
    soft and warm,
    covering for you
    when it's tough to carry on.

    Love is a lot like a bug,
    sometimes snug,
    sometimes tug,
    but come armageddon, you'd still have a bug.

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    I think one of the problems here tk7432 is that you seem to be mistaking lust for love.

    The boy you talk of who has had two girlfriends in a week was clearly not in love with them. The love that you share between a boyfriend and girlfriend is so unending and deep it cannot suddenly appear in less than a week. It's just not how it works.

    Of course other emotions seem comparable to love, but they're just not the same.

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    Love isn't definable. You only recognize it when you experience it. And when you do, nothing else matters.

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    To me, what love is...

    Love is seeing my man's crooked ass smile, as he spouts off another lame joke. Love is the feeling I get when we laugh in unison and when he leans in for those giggly kisses. It's what's there every time we hug, every time we fight and get hurt or angered by the actions of each other. It's the commitment we made to each other, the feelings that run through our veins to our hearts and connects us. It's more then the sex we have, the shallow attractions to one another. It's our life as a team and a partnership, and the utter purity of just knowing that the world may still spin if we weren't together, but it wouldn't be worth it. It is the reason we have made commitments and kept them, the reason why it hurts so much when our trust is broken or we are betrayed. It's the reason it feels like my heart still feels like it is going to explode every time I snuggle up to him and realize how we are spending our lives together. Love is in the risks we took and are still taking... it's the feeling of being able to forget any pain and just live in a moment of a true bliss.

    Love is an unanswerable question and there is no way you could ever be prepared for it. I thought I knew what it felt like... before Curt stepped into my life, but I was so completely 100% wrong. I used to be so cynical too. But love is exactly what people say it is, and so much more. It is worth everything.

    K there is a ramble from me. But an honest one from my heart. I do agree with tatula that your friends aren't really in love and it's more just a lust/drama type situation. But you wanted an answer so there you have it.

    I'd just like to say that, yeah, more often then not relationships do turn sour. Some can be horrendously poisonous. But the feeling of being in love is the furthest thing from negativity and poison as it gets. Yeah, things get ugly but that is from the people themselves, not the actual feeling of love.

    To me it is the purest form of joy that I have ever experienced. I hope that I can always wake up next to Curtis and feel my heart beating with that passion and joy, and feel his squeezing hug against me reassuring me he feels exactly the same way, because the alternative is much too horrible for me to even comprehend at this point in time. But even if my days with him are numbered, I wouldn't have had it any other way. As Garth Brooks put it: "I could've missed the pain, but I'd have missed the dance."

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