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Thread: Need a good disposable diaper

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    Default Need a good disposable diaper

    My wife and I are going on a train trip back east the first of May. We will be on the train three days and two nights. We have a sleeping room.

    The best thing to do would be to stop wearing diapers at night for the vacation, but after wearing them every night for 20 years, I will wet the bed if I don't wear one (I wet even taking a long nap awhile back). So my wife won't let me go without them. And then we will be staying at my wife's aunt's place for two weeks, and then the return trip on the train. Her aunt doesn't know anything about my diaper wearing and my wife wants to keep it that way!

    Using my cloth diapers is totally out of the question on this trip. So I need to use disposables. Being a somewhat heavy wetter in my sleep, I need the best ones I can get because I don't want to leak on the train or at our relative's place (my wife would kill me if she had to wash the sheets infront of her aunt).

    So could somebody recommend which disposable diaper I should get. I have a month so I have plenty of time to order them if I have to.

    Thank you

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    Oh shit! You're in California, too! Where in California do you hail from? To answer your question, you could use a light diaper like Molicare (not particularly Supers), Abena Supers are about the size of a depends and a half, and also hold an alright amount. If you just dribble, something like Walgreens Certainty will work fine.

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    Well, I don't know too much about wearing diapers out in public or anything, but I think very highly of Bambinos for around the house. They have pretty much the same absorbency as the famous Abena Abriform X-plus, and the Bambinos are better if you will need to refasten the tapes to adjust the fit. However, the Abriforms are much less crinkly, so they're probably a bit more discreet. That said, the Abriforms definitely rise higher than the Bambinos, and you would be wise to keep your shirt tucked in with either of them on. The Bambinos have a waistband in the back and front, so they seem to fit a bit better than the Abriforms, which only have a waistband in the front.

    I personally like the Bambinos better, but personal opinions aren't always the best source of information. Since you have time, you may want to consider ordering samples of each of them and see which you like more. These are basically the top of the line diapers, for absorbency, I only recommended them since it looks like you won't be wearing during the day. Either one should be able to handle anything you throw at them during the night. In terms of how many you should buy, I would think one per day would be enough if you're just wearing at night, though it never hurts to bring a few extra, just in case. You won't be able to find either of these in a store, so you would have to buy them online and bring them along, and 20 diapers or so gets to be kind of bulky, so maybe you could bring them along in a separate bag from your luggage. Big duffel bag or something should do the trick.

    One last thought, have a good trip!

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