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    Just getting around to this. I'm 26 and have a boyfriend who is nice enough to allow me to do my own thing and wear at night. I'm semi going to college and I work full time, rent rooms in my house and do side work as well. I'm here to check out what's going on in our little world but don't really have time to contribute much.

    I grew up as a bedwetter until I was 13 and then was chatting on IRC way back in the hayday of the internet on #diapers on DALnet if that means anything to anyone anymore. I met someone and was doing a lot of personal chatting when I was at my ripe and hormonal age of 14 and things have evolved from there ever since.

    Chat or leave a message if you want to get to know me.


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    Hi! I'm your southern border state of Virginia. I hope you enjoy the site. We are a lot more than just diapers, so I hope you will be able to take part in its diversity.

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    Welcome to ADISC! Us Marylanders are just invading the site now! All of us counties except for Frederick County that actually wants to secede and become the 51st state called Shangri-La (no joke). Hope you enjoy your time here

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    i never knew so many people on this site lived so close to me. i live in northern Va close to DC. yeah its a nice place to live

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