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Thread: $50 shopping spree

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    Default $50 shopping spree

    hi everyone!

    so heres the scoop. Being a poor college student, i dont hav much money to spend on AB/DL items. so when i do scavenge enough money to buy things, i want to make sure i get the most outta my money. So the question is, if u had $50 to spend online on AB things, wat would u buy? Keep in mind of shipping costs.

    I was thinkin of tryin the new Cushies diapers, and buy some other cheap AB item, seeing as i only hav a paci and would like more AB items besides a paci

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    You only have a paci? Buy a plushie! They are awesome and cuddly-able!

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    since I got plushies and everything else.. a bag or two of Abena X-plus or Bambino's.

    Though if I didn't have a plushie, I would go out and get one.

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    Well, I bought a bag of 28 molicares this morning on Ebay for $16 with shipping. Check them out often sometimes you might find an awesome deal!

    On topic, if I had $50 I would buy onesie and a nuk 5.Mostly because I enough diapers :p

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    well i dont hav any diapers right now so im gunna buy some. i was thinkin cushies cuz i want to try them, but they would be expensive so i wouldnt be able to afford a onesie (i would very much enjoy some AB clothing). unless i buy cheaper diapers. decisions, decisions

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    If you want to make the most out of your money, buy a case of diapers. It's always cheaper and many online places ship them for free because it costs them less to do so.

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    well im afraid to buy from ebay cuz u nevr kno how discreet the shipping will be, and im at college so i dont want to pick up a ginormous box at the postal room. im thinkin of buyin from xpmedical cuz theyre relatively cheap and maybe ill be able to hav some left over for some AB item

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    Well, I am no AB, but my first suggestions would also be a plushie and, depending on your size, an XL footed sleeper from Target (if they have any still). I would say for now forget the Cushies. They're neat looking and all, but if money is tight, they'll just eat up more money than what you get. Go for Abena or something.

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    ^ as the target footie goes, I wouldn't order it. I would go in to the store to see if it would remotely fit me. It would suck if it comes it too small, then your out 15-20$ for the time being until you can bring it to the store and return it. I would rather go into the store and possible try it out.

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    Probably a footed sleeper. But if not, I'd definately go for some abenas or bambinos.

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