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Thread: Catholic diaper tradition?

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    Default Catholic diaper tradition?

    OK, I have a question for any Catholics in here.

    I have come across several posts online where in some churches, it is tradition for kids going into their First Communion to wear a cloth diaper under their clothes.
    When I was in Catechism, we didnt have that tradition.

    Does anyone else know about this? or is it some weird quirk in only a few churches.

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    Sounds like a bunch of crap. I never heard anything like that before. I used to go to catholic school, though I'm not quite religious anymore.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I've heard about that -- but only on fetist sites. So I don't think I buy it. My sister us Catholic and didn't have to do that.

    Now, I can see being given a hip flask for first communion. After all, the kiddies need something to make the sermons seem more interesting, har har.

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    I think this one comes up every few months. Not sure. Last time we came up with the idea that it's false though. None of the Catholic *b/dls knew anything about it, including me. One of us would have remembered.

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    It's one of those things where some writes a good story and it gets inserted in the net a few places and suddenly people who want to believe start grasping at straws. I didn't do that one but a few of my "stories" have been elevated to "factual" status and referenced on certain child abuse sites.

    I put it up there with the pervasive story of "bridal diapers" (which is slightly more believable, but hardly commonplace).

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    Err, yeah, I've been Catholic all my life (thanks for the jibes, Mage) and I've never heard anything close to that. The closest I can think of is that babies getting Baptized usually wear white. But that's really not even close or comparable.

    Not sure where this came from, but as a Catholic, I'd hafta say myth busted.

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    I gotta agree on this. I've never heard of anything happening remotely close to this, only once... But it was in some story on that Deeker website; And we all know what that means.

    Although that would have been awesome...! >.>

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    This thread again...

    I am on a cell phone so linking to other posts is impossible, but suffice it to say this is nothing more than pedo fap material. If this topic interests you, you may or may not live in a van down by the river with "free candy" scrawled down the side.

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    I'm a Catholic and have never heard anything about this practice. If you've heard about it, maybe it was something that was done in decades or even centuries past, but not in the modern age. But most likely it's just a fabrication.

    Can you fill me in on the tale of "bridal diapers", willnotwill? I've never heard that before but it sounds interesting.

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