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Thread: Busted again... but its gettting easier...

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    Default Busted again... but its gettting easier...

    Anyone who's read my threads may know that my wife is at best passively accepting of my diaper hobby. She has slowly moved from repulsed to passively accepting over time. I have respectfully kept things as discreet as I can, never wearing around her and keeping my stash well locked down.

    Well last night she worked the overnight shift (she's a nures's aide). I always sleep diapered when she works overnight as its my golden opportunity to do so. By the time she gets home, I'm up and dressed for work. We have coffee and off I go...

    Today she asked me 'How'd you sleep last night?' to which I answered 'Like a baby!'. She giggled and said 'I bet!'. I let it go, but later she commented on how the sheets smelled nice. She wouldn't let it go until I admitted that I slept diapered. She was so good about it. I admit that I baited her with the 'Slept like a baby' comment, but I'm glad she was good natured.

    It has literally taken YEARS of patience, but she really doesn't seem to mind anymore. The key seems to be discretion and respect of her wishes. I doubt she will ever come onboard and wear with me, but I don't press that point. I am very happy that she can giggle instead of knit her eyebrows, if that makes sense. Someday we'll be old enough that we need diapers. That will be an interesting conversation!!!

    I post this so you can all benefit from my longterm experience with a partner who opposes the hobby/fetish. If you are in a strong relationship it will endure. Be respectful and sensitive to the reasons your partner hesitates.

    I welcome comments!

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    That's awesome that she's gotten used to it. Open-mindedness is a trait that I don't think I could go without in somebody I love. They don't have to completely open-minded and try everything, but they at least need to be understanding and not judgmental of people that aren't like them. If I had a girlfriend that told me she had a fetish, I would be open and accepting to the idea. Maybe that's just because of my experience with this fetish, but if all of this has made me a better person, that's great

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    When I first started dating my now wife, I told her of my fetish to make sure it wouldn't be a 'deal' breaker for her, among other things. Pretty much from that point she's 1 step at a time come to wearing with me and diapering me. There is absolutely nothing like a home where you can relax and be comfortable in your diapers, and not worry about your partner being mad about it.

    Here's to hoping she continues to get more relaxed with you sir!

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    That's awesome to hear that you're wife is coming around, sometimes patience is worth while and your advice when dealing with mates is really solid.

    I really wish I could say the same; my wife started off completely repulsed, (like physically sick to her stomach) then it moved to getting better, the more I was accommodating the better her view seemed to be. Then it seemed to move to breakthrough status where she was almost completely accepting but that didn't last. It seems her view of diapers changes with her mood and we have come full circle back to completely repulsed.

    Unfortunately to show her that she meant more to me than my own desires I voluntarily got rid of my remaining stash and I've been having diaper withdrawals ever since. I did tell her that this would never go away and we would have to face it again which is sooner than later. I had forgotten that I had ordered some reusable pvc diapers from YuYun and because they are shipping from China it will take awhile to get here but I'm getting very anxious for them to arrive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bokeh View Post
    I had forgotten that I had ordered some reusable pvc diapers from YuYun and because they are shipping from China it will take awhile to get here but I'm getting very anxious for them to arrive.
    I completely stopped having things shipped to our home. I use a postal service that accepts and holds deliveries for a $2 fee. They even call me when the package arrives. The place is called 'Goin' Postal!'. Funny sidebar: the owner is Chinese. I've ordered from YuYun and he was quite excited that I got a package from China! I wonder what those Chinese letters on the package actually said...

    For me, discretion has been key. I will continue my stealthy diligence even though my wife has relaxed a bit. I don't expect her to ever be 100% accepting. But I'm certainly glad she no longer gets pissed!

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    Glad to hear the good news as well. My wife can kid about it with me, and it's really nice. I guess I'm on the lucky side in that I can wear to bed any time. She has bought me footed p.j.s and plushies, so it is a nice life. I hope you get to that point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by puffybottom View Post
    Someday we'll be old enough that we need diapers. That will be an interesting conversation!!!
    I am still laughing at this! For some reason this is just too funny. I do love situational irony. The more I think the funnier it gets!

    That's great that she's warming up to it. I'm glad you can understand that it's ok for her to not want to be involved and still try to keep it un-noticed. It really does show that you care how she feels, which I'm sure she has noticed. It's probably the reason she's warming up to it!

    Edit: I'm honestly still laughing. This is probably going to last all night. Thank you.

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