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Thread: Publix brand diapers.

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    Default Publix brand diapers.

    I was at my local Publix store, and I noticed they had one-tape adult diapers. (Publix brand). I Normally use Depends fitted max, and I'm looking for a replacement. I haven't tried them yet, and my mom won't buy me them unless she can find a decent review saying if they are good or not, as she hates wasting money on a crappy product. I was wondering if anyone has tried their adult diapers, and if you could fill me in on the quality. I know most of the time store brands suck, but you never know I guess.

    Before you say, " Buy the premium diapers!". At the moment, my mom wants to be able to get something from the store, as she doesn't trust some online methods. As much as I would like Cushies or bambino diapers, she doesn't know about the AB/DL community as far as I know.

    Thanks everyone!

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    Here is one review.

    They have a store that isn't too far from me, i may go buy a pack and let you know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thunder View Post
    Just saying, if you're looking for a high quality store brand, Walgreens has one of the best. I've tried depends, tena pull-ups, etc. And Walgreens is the best. Just try it, they're very nice.

    Are they plastic-backed or cloth-backed?

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    Well that was an utter waste of an hour and a half and a quarter tank of gas!

    I got there and all they have is "Protective underwear."
    If you are going to get the diapers, do it now. It looks like they are being discontinued.

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    Okay thanks, I guess it's safe to say I wouldn't be in my best interest to get diapers form publix. I'll take thunder's advice and go to walgreens.

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