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Thread: Why all the wolves?

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    Default Why all the wolves?

    No, really. Ever since I found out about furries I've wondered: Why wolves (or foxes)?

    It just seems like the community is OVERRUN with them. Not that wolves (or foxes) are bad, I was just wondering why so many people identify with them? Is it the "lone wolf/outsider" mentality? Is it the mysticism and mystery? I just want to know.

    From wolves or foxes or anyone else, what do you think it is? Or what is it for you?

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    Well foxes are sluts and everyone knows how computer nerds are perpetually horny... lol

    And wolves are just awesome :P

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    Foxes are.. well.. they're cute. However, I do agree.. there is a LARGE surplus of them.
    Diversity isn't popular, I guess. There never seems to be any original animal anymore..

    It's not like it bothers me; it doesn't. Maybe it's just a 'I'm a loner' thing, like you mentioned earlier.

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    im a wolf because it really does represent who i am and my personality in so many ways.
    but i think alot of people choose them because of the way they look and most people just see it as a quick easy escape from the fear of choosing something they really like and being laughed at.


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    I usedta consider myself a fox, just because...well, I *liked* foxes. Even when I was very young (about 7 or 8) I would pretend I was a fox.

    I think the reason people choose foxes and wolves is because a) they're familiar (unlike African Wild Dogs or dingoes) which I think is also the reason many people choose kitties as fursonas and b) they're wild canines. They're close enough (or SEEM close enough) to dogs to be able to see what you relate to in doggies in them, but then there's also the 'wild and free' aspect.

    That's how I used to see it, anyway; I was free and independent, like a wild animal...but playful and bouncy, like a puppy. Best of both worlds.

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    I have noticed that there's a heavy preference toward predator animals, which seems to make sense. People want a furry alter-ego that makes them feel stronger, sexier, more deserving of respect. At the same time, animals like hawks don't look very human, or act very human, so it's harder to relate to them. Canines are a lot more similar to humans than most other animals, even felines, and they're highly intelligent. It's easier to think of a wolf as someone who *could* be a human if they were in a different body. And most people have had some contact with domesticated dogs, so it's easier to perceive canines in general as affectionate and communicative. The wolf/fox trend seems to be the optimization of the desire for an alter-ego that's both powerful and endearing.

    I'll note that I'm a platypus, myself.

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    Wolves and foxes appeal to both straight, gay, male, female, subs and doms. It has the largest base thus is more common. Dragons come next, which are the powerful, dominant, wise male typically, and next is the domestic cat which appeals typically to bottom gay males and females.

    A bit old now, but wikifur has a database of the most popular fursona's..

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    when i came up with my name it was the "lone-wolf" mentality,but now im a skunk and have no idea why =p

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    As a wolf i can tell you for me its not the lone wolf thing its the pack mentality.

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    I tend to think of wolves as a 'spiritual' representation of all Canines. Basically to me, wolves represent canines in their purest form.

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