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Thread: Hello, I'm Adrian.

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    Red face Hello, I'm Adrian.

    I probably should've made an introductory thread first before posting other things, but I'm shy. :P
    Hmm.. so, yeah. Hello people, my name is Adrian. I'm not good at introductions. I'm such a n00b.
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    Hi! It's great if you make an intro thread first; that's what we like to see around here.

    If you're not good at introductions, I could give you a list of questions... hmm....

    ~Are you in school? What do you like to study?
    ~Do you have any hobbies, like sports, music, art, gaming?
    ~Any favorite books, music, movies, webcomics...?
    ~Anything you think it would be super-awesome to do someday?
    ~How did you stumble across the forums?

    Pretty much just say what you like about yourself, and that should do just fine. Welcome aboard!

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    I'm currently not in school, for personal reasons, but I'm working on getting back into school. I like science. And I'm going to take photography when I get into college.
    I like music, art, and gaming. Music and art are a huge part of my life, really.
    I love Questionable Content. It's a webcomic. It's amazing, really. And my favorite movie is Finding Nemo.
    I don't know, become a famous photographer or singer of a really awesome band.
    I don't remember. I came across them a while ago, but didn't really understand what it was about, and then earlier I found them again and decided it wouldn't hurt to join.

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    Questionable Content is good stuff. It's fun to slowly read it starting from the beginning and see how much better he got as he went on. Welcome to the site btw.

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    Haha, I thought I was the only one who did that. :P He greatly improved, really. lol I guess practice makes perfect when you've been doing a webcomic for 7 years.

    And thank you.

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    Welcome to the forums. yeay! more people from my state!
    what music do you like?

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    Thank you. Haha, ooh another Mainer. :3
    I like a wide variety. Except I'm not too fond of rap/hiphop and country. Mostly rock, techno, screamo, those three things mixed together. lol

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    Welcome to our private island in the ocean of mediocrity.

    Wipe your feet or you will track dull in the house.

    Dose thsi mkae yan snese ot uoy?

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    Yes it makes plenty of sense. Though, wiping my feet off or not, I am not dull.

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    What a rocking name! That's nearly clever! Good start to today indeed. Welcome to ADISC - we have people. They talk about stuff. Maybe you can too. Sounds like fun and stuff.

    Also, what's this about mods owning purple? Can you really just claim a colour? Like seriously? Alright then, hards dibs on orange.

    Man, I feel cooler already. Can't wait to what happens if someone does black.

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