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    Exclamation Should I or Shouldn't I

    pop a water blister that is on top of my foot right beside the big toe

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    I pop mine all the time. If you are going to do it, take a safety pin, first burn the sharp part with a lighter or match then pop it. Take a piece of paper towel or toilet paper and blot it dry then put a band aid or something over it until it scabs over or do whatever its gonna do. Main key thing, its protected from bacteria getting into it.

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    doesnt the "flued in it protect it from bacteria also if i leave it would it calies or something thing like that is 3 am here so i will do if any thing in the am

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    I'm not sure about the fluid protecting from bacteria but from past experience it won't callace over or anything so not to worry. I pop them because I can't stand them being there and they are tons of fun to pop and have all the crap come out of them. Its a satisfying feeling I guess. Anyway its up to you, I say go for it, but its your body.

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    How sure are you that it's a water blister, and there's no puss? Remember that a blister is a natural reaction to an injury done by your body to protect you, so usually it should not be disturbed.

    If it really is preventing you from walking, then it might be a good idea, but I'd recommend against it otherwise. Infections are nastier than a small blister.

    And if you do pop it, do so carefully, and follow this guide:

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    I seen that ehow site last night :-) so im just leving it alone

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    You shouldn't. A blister is there for a reason. If you pop it, it's open and susceptible to infection. The fluid will be absorbed back into your body when it's ready. Don't peel the layer of skin off after that happens, either. Use a baindaid to cover it, if you can get some sort of pad to surround it so it doesn't pop when there's pressure on it (like wearing shoes.)

    With that said, I always pop them, mostly cus i like the stinging that comes with it.

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