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Thread: Are you happy that you love diapers?

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    Default Are you happy that you love diapers?

    Title says it all. Are you happy that you love diapers? Is it an inconvenience? Are you sad that you love diapers? I don't know why I love diapers but for some reason I'm happy that I do. How about any of you?

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    Back when I was but a mere child, I didn't know better. I though there was something completely wrong with me, and that I 'needed' to be interested in the things that normal, straight guys in school were. Boobs, that is.

    No problem. It all comes in time. I feel no shame at all.

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    Same here =p

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    Staying objective, no. I'd have preferred not to be SO different. I don't act or think like normal 16 years old teens would do, and diapers do everything but help.

    But hey, I like diapers, so I just enjoy it!

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    I spent far too long agonizing over the whole thing, wishing I was "normal". Thankfully, that was a few years ago. Since then, I've come to love and embrace the whole concept. I'm not going to deny myself the things that make me happy.

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    Btw, Nicky, is that you in your pic?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zap View Post
    Btw, Nicky, is that you in your pic?
    No, it's Chicoree Stokes from State Radio.

    And I go through phases. Sometimes I'm glad that I have something that I know makes me happy. Other times I hate that I'm part of something that society thinks is disgusting and weird. Basically, I'm still coming to terms with it, but whatev, I'm growing up and learning what I like and that's okay.

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    A lot of the time, I'm able to be at peace with it. Then the worry sets in that my partner will eventually start to find me just a little too weird, or wish I were different, or get tired of it. Since I'm nighttime IC, it's not exactly something I can just put on hiatus when I feel like it, though I've tried...

    I think if I felt that it were just something else that I really liked, in the same way that I love music and chocolate, it would be easier to be happy about.

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    Yeah; I am happy I like diapers. I mean, it's just one more aspect of life that I can enjoy........

    So, why wouldn't I be? Not liking something is nothing but a door that's closed to you, as I see it. Obviously, some doors, like wanting to murder or steal, should remain shut.

    Just my take on things

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    hmmm well if I could just simply wish it away and be "Normal" I probably would..

    But at the same time I try to be happy that something so simple could make me so happy, and is that a bad thing?

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