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Thread: Childlike/weird view of sex?

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    Default Childlike/weird view of sex?

    Does anyone else feel that their views toward sex are a bit -- off? Like -- my *B-ness has sort of distorted it.

    90% of the time, I'm far more attracted to diapers, being put into innocent situations, being taken care of (and then punished) -- way more than I am to naked guys. I'm gay, but even then -- I'm only into soft, disarming-looking guys (mostly younger -- older guys make me feel uncomfortable), who look like they'll make me feel safe and comfortable. I want to be diapered side-by-side with them, and what I most love is the fact that we're both vulnerable and exposed -- and so I can feel innocent, safe, and secure. It's almost scary sometimes to think of a guy putting his dick in my ass -- I'm much more turned on by the thought of him lovingly scolding me for having an accident, then changing my diaper, kissing me on the cheek, and holding me close to show me how much he loves me.

    Spare me the Freudian bullshit, I'm just wondering if anyone else has a childlike view of sex, like this?

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    no, but I don't think it's weird. I can totally see why you feel that way. No worries

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    In a way, I agree. I'm heterosexual, and I find myself attracted not nearly as much to 'hot chicks' as I am to cute girls, my age or younger. Not only are they generally easier to approach, less 'in demand', and simply friendlier, they help to satisfy my TBDL side. I don't count on it, but I'd love to engage in the roleplay you mentioned, in either the role of a daddy or of a baby boy. I'm primarily a diaper lover, but I am fairly certain that this has somewhat molded my sexual appetite.

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    I think my DLness has somewhat impaired my perception of sexual stuff than what I believe is normal for the average teenage boy. I myself am a bisexual male and I am attracted more to cuteness rather than looks (but emo boys are to die for!!!). I am not one of those guys who will get an immediate erection when I am looking at a cute ass but I do feel something within myself. If I wasn't DL would that affect it? Ill just keep thinkin until I eventually get laid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex888 View Post
    Spare me the Freudian bullshit.
    I will love you forever because of that quote

    On the intended note, however. I have to agree with you. Cute is way better than "hot" or "sexy". I like guys that have an innocent look/feel to them; younger or (slightly) older.

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    Yeah Justin Bieber just needs to go to hell. I wrote a diss about him. Its in another thread about freestyling if you want to see. I just assume he sings like a girl because he got raped and castrated by Usher. I understand the level of cuteness, and yet I would call that fake cuteness. Cause the picture is obviously with intent to sell the single. Ideal cuteness is the best and I just can't see it with Justin Bieber. Also because that would be statutory rape in my state.

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    I think he's so beautiful! When you watch his videos or his interviews, he just radiates cuteness.

    And you're 17 and he's 16, you idiot, it wouldn't be statutory rape. Lol.

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    I have a couple of thoughts on this: the general summary is that I don't think your view is distorted at all, nor is it necessarily childlike.

    What you seem to be talking about is wanting a relationship where your lover is gentle with you, and focusing more on the connection than on the mechanics. I think this is really normal, especially because you're relatively young and probably still figuring out what you want. Leaving aside the DL part for a moment (because everyone has their preferences, and that's just your preference), you're basically just saying that you want a lot of psychological interaction, and that your aesthetic doesn't necessarily line up with society's image of the masculine ideal. Well, neither does mine... so you're in good company.

    As for what you like in bed, it's not unusual at all to not be into all the rough stuff. When I was your age, I was having some of my first experiences, and I found that just sticking body parts in did not generally lead to goodness. Especially when it comes to anal sex... in my opinion, that's of the most difficult things to learn how to do well, and it has some of the greatest potential to go wonky. If you're apprehensive about a certain act, don't feel bad about not wanting to do it. Expanding your boundaries in the bedroom is something that I believe is best done with someone who really cares about you and knows you well.

    There will probably be some people who want different things than you, and that's up to them. But I'm pretty sure you'll find that you're not the only one who likes to keep things sweet and affectionate.

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