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    good morning my name is Max2. I am 30 yr old DL from Chicago. I am amazed at all the new sites out there for people with my interests. When the web was first introduced years ago there was nothing like this out there for someone like me. It's a blessing to have all these people involved to know i'm not alone.
    I am quite "normal" except for my one secret. I play gold. I am married and have a 1 yr old. I don't participate as much as I used to in my activities but I still do once in awhile. "usually when my wife and son are out of town" this interest does not control me it's just a small part of me.
    thanks for listening

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    Morning, max2 and welcome to the site

    I hope you'll find the place to your liking. As you might have seen from the threads, we're interested in connecting on more than just a diaper level. That may be what brings most of us here, but of course there's more to life.

    From your initial post, I wonder if you are practicing in private from your wife out of deference or does she not know? If she doesn't know, have you ever considered telling her or do you believe it's not significant enough a factor in your life to require sharing?

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    Welcome to the site max

    If I were from Chicago I think my nick would be Tommy_Gun :tongue:

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