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Thread: Why The Paralympics Opening Was Better

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    Default Why The Paralympics Opening Was Better

    Lazylegs, that's why:
    YouTube - Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Opening Ceremony Breakdancers perform
    With all the neon and electronic music playing it looks like a special unlockable ending for Jet Grind Radio Future.

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    wow, I have never heard of "lazylegs" (and I really dont know anything about breakdancing ), so I did a google and found his site
    Lazylegz - Home

    I am a athlete with disabilities, and know many athletes with varying disabilities.
    The quote below is from his website, and I find it to be so very true

    He affirms that any situation; however bad it may seem, may be transformed into a positive one. As a child, his father always taught him that, “Your first failure is not to try.” He believes that life is about the experiences you have even if you may dislike some of the experiences, but most important, once you try you will know what drives you.
    I have found that there are the type that question everything, dont believe in themselfs, and dont believe they can achieve anything, and these types rarly achieve great sucess in there life. Then there are the type that never question themselfs or there abilities, and never think that they cant do what they want.
    For the people who never question themself and truly believe that they can achieve what they set there mind to, the possibilities of what you want to do with your life are endless.

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    If you want to know about breakdancing, rent "Breakin'". It's like 'Flashdance', but for the 'inner-city youth'. Also love how his stage name is a play off of another famous break dancer called crazy legs.

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