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Thread: hawwo padded wolfy here

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    Default hawwo padded wolfy here

    heh hi I'm Riku a AB/sissy wolfy looking for friends or a daddy or mommy or evan a mate if i r lucky :3

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    welcome hun to the community, over there is the play pen for the lil ones for when they are watching us, "giggles wags appily" im a babyfur aswell and seams more of a lurker then anything on forum sites now a days. always interested in meeting new furs so if ya wanna chat hit me up.

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    OOh, another wuffy! *bounces and play-growls, tail wagging* Yaays, more playmates!

    Welcome...dere's a lotta other wuffies here to play wiff!

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    indeed welcome to the fold; deres tons of wuffs and wuff-like species here, coyotes, huskies, doggies, fopses, even maybe the odd dingo or fennec... maybe ...perhaps an odd raccoon or two (dere's one with reverse markings! is that cool or what!) huggles from me...
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    Welcome new one

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    Welcome to ADISC! Just so you know, this is a support site and not a dating site. Just to give a quick notice about that but aside from that I hope you enjoy your time here. Do you have any hobbies or interests that you would like to share with us? Incredible oddities?

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