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Thread: Anybody else ever feel like this sometimes?

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    Default Anybody else ever feel like this sometimes?

    I am 31 years of age. And yet, I still am an AB who wears diapers in his spare time. I would love to find the right man to play a paternal role in my life, but I think I am perhaps too old for that to ever happen in this lifetime.

    Perhaps I am too old for this whole thing at this point of my life, anyway, and that instead of looking for a paternal figure for myself, I should focus on being there for others instead, perhaps I should be a paternal figure to another AB myself, who knows?

    Of course, logic tells me that it is possible to have a relationship where I can play both roles. But the older I get, the more I realize it is less likely for me to ever play the role of the baby with a loving paternal figure watching over him, at least for a few hours, once in a while..... Heh.

    Why do I want a loving paternal figure in my life? Simple. I never had one, and I feel as if I missed out on that. I should probably just expect to never have anything that comes even close to resembling that experience in this lifetime, but some things I just don't want to let go of - and this probably false hope is one of them.

    So, that is where I am. I wish I were 18 again, but only under the circumstances that I know as much about myself that I know now, and only under the circumstances that I know how to live those 13 years better than I have. They feel so completely wasted to me when I look back on them, and I won't get any younger no matter how much I wish for it. I had my chance, and I fucked it up.

    Anybody else here can relate with where I am coming from?

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    But why does your physical age need to get in the way of your 'play' age? People wear many hats every single day of their lives. They go from mom to business person to school girl, etc. all in one day. In my social psychology class they say that the more hats you wear the more you stay sane.
    I wouldn't fret on not having a 'daddy' of sorts. I know this doesn't help you, but being 26, I could go both ways in father/son age play. Would someone playing older/younger brother help or are you specifically looking for a daddy?

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    At this point, I think I can be content in a relationship where I can be the daddy sometimes, and he can be the daddy sometimes. If I can get the rewards of playing both roles, that would be nice.

    I doubt that will ever happen, but that will be nice if it did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaworuchan View Post
    I doubt that will ever happen, but that will be nice if it did.
    Constantly doubting yourself and your future will not help things love. Try to think positive because you never know what lies around the bend.

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    I can definitely understand where you're coming from, but... I also don't see why your chronological age should be a huge roadblock. I think it would be hard to find a daddy (or a mommy, or someone to 'switch' with) at any age--hard to find somebody 'into' doing that, and perhaps even harder to find someone you're compatible personality-wise with.

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    I feel this way a lot as well. Basically for the same reasons but I think you have to keep a positive outlook on your future. It may seem like a long shot to get the affection/attention you are looking for but you wouldn't be the first to find it either.

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    Though I am a DL, not an AB, I know what you're saying. I'm only 25 right now, so its not a big issue currently, but when I imagine my life 10+ years from now, I wonder if I'll be too old for diapers. There is part of me that thinks its for young guys, teenagers and up a bit (including my age now). Realistically, I truly doubt I'll give up wearing diapers, but it doesn't stop this feeling.

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    If a father figure is what you want I think you should never stop looking, in the meantime I would continue enjoying diapers, but don't leave out or overlook being with someone your age or younger.

    You will never know when you might run into just the right person to spend the rest of your days with, I'm still looking and I'm twice most peoples ages here on the site.

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    I'll pitch in here, too - I'm the same age as you are (31), and in a male/male relationship. He knows about the ABDL part of me and is ok with it. However, although he's aware of the "little" side of me he isn't completely comfortable participating in the role most of the time.

    And, in reality? That's perfectly fine with me.

    Personally, I wouldn't be trying to find a "Full time Daddy". I'd be looking to build a relationship with somebody whom you can trust, who you like being around, who cares for you and loves you unconditionally. From there, once you've built up a relationship - then see if they mind occasionally playing the role.

    And if they do? Great...even better because of the background of an actual relationship, that's a heck of a lot more deeper than a single facet. Being able to go into that headspace, with somebody you deeply care about is amazing....even if its not a full-time thing.

    *hugs* Really? Don't give up. There's plenty of people out there, and you're not alone. Just keep looking and making yourself available...even though its disheartening to not have anybody never know who'll show up tomorrow.

    Best of luck to you, kaworuchan!

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    Sadly this is something i wonder myself. yes i'm young but every time i get out of a relationship i think "should i become a daddy or wait" i always choose wait but i feel like one day i'll say yes

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