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    Default Mothers Day!

    So, a quick reminder to anyone who's managed to not notice the flowers and cards in every shop window, here in the UK it's Mothering Sunday!

    What did you all do for your parents?

    I text my mum this morning, but she's on holiday this weekend and next, so I'm taking her out for lunch when she comes back. I've already got her a card and a little gift, but since I'm not seeing her today I'm taking her for lunch as well

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    Well I've got a card and a nice present for her, but I still need to get my sister to sign the card!

    I did however get a cuddle this morning

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    What happened to good old "Mothering Sunday" (The original English name for Mother's day before it became americanised)

    my dad still sometimes calls it that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wannabesissybaby92 View Post
    What happened to good old "Mothering Sunday".
    Since I'm from America, I've never heard of this title before, but it makes sense to me.

    Simply put, Mothering Sunday = 5 syllables; Mother's Day = 3 syllables.
    There is a general tendency for people to use shorter expressions when possible, to save time and space on a card, if nothing else. Also, the Mother's Day nomenclature makes more sense to me only in that it is a day intended to honor our mothers. Mothering Sunday seems to hold some sort of impression, through syntax, that it's a day where people act 'mothering'. Just an idea as to why they may have changed the name.

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    I just got mine the new Star Trek on blue ray, and a nice card

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    I don't live near enough to home to visit my mum, so I sent her a lovely card and a lovely white orchid flower, and paid extra so it would get there exactly on Mothers' Day.

    Then I found out today that she is away all weekend, and had completely forgotten that it was Mothers' day!

    Oh well, I'm sure she'll be impressed when she gets back. My sister only got her a voucher for something, so I think I win the sibling gift war.

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    I phoned her on Saturday and asked her what she wanted. She said nothing and that I was to get on with my studying, so no need to spend cash on presents so I treated myself to some junk food instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by talula View Post
    So, a quick reminder to anyone who's managed to not notice the flowers and cards in every shop window, here in the UK it's Mothering Sunday!
    Why do you people always say words in very weird ways?? lol
    You turn a very benign day into what sounds like an attack on all of us... which could be true.

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    I took my Mum to her favourite restaurant with my Dad & sister. She was happy with that

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