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    Check this listing out on Ebay, these diapers have got to be the thickest ones I have ever seen!!

    EUROPEAN ADULT SUPER SUPER THICK ADULT PLASTIC DIAPERS - eBay (item 220570005503 end time Mar-17-10 23:17:30 PDT)

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    Quote Originally Posted by timmahtherebel View Post

    some look thinner in the pile though, i wonder if some are stuffed.

    i would get some but 14 for $40 is a little much for me when i could get 16 trusted Bambinos for $30

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    what the hell i cant access it it gives me an lawsuit in progress error over any diaper item on ebay how come you can access it?????????

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    Looks like they've been stuffed / tampered with.

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    I had wondered about that, Lukie!! Since no name brand of the diapers is ever given on the listing!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Icey View Post
    I had wondered about that, Lukie!! Since no name brand of the diapers is ever given on the listing!!
    Molicare? Just going by the colour and patterns.

    If so, they're hardly "vintage". The pharmacy around the corner from me sells these things!

    ...and the baby diapers to stuff them with too.

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    Yep those are molicare, I can tell by the colour and tapes.

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    Lol, they opened and fluffed every one to make them look thicker.

    Definitely Molicare, you can see their logo on some of the diapers

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    They are Molicares, neatly arranged to look thicker in the photo. Don't buy them.

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