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Thread: Hello there :)

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    Smile Hello there :)

    Whats up diapered community? My name's Eric, I'm a DL and i've been lurking on adisc for a little while now. Not new at all to the scene--been enjoying the diapered life since 1995 or so...just never thought i had anything to contribute!

    I'm from SoCal, San Diego to be more precise so what up from Cali!

    SO, yeah~if you want to IM me, go right ahead...i'm straight tho and have a fiance, so no weird stuff lol.


    PS sleeping in a VERY wet bambino rt now

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    What have I ever done to you???

    Shoot man the newbie don't even want me to say hello.

    Wanders off into the distance muttering, "I just wanted to say hi. This is just messed up. It is discrimination I tell you. I'm gonna have a word with someone about this."

    Looks to the right and speaks to an empty space, "Yeah! That is exactly my point! The man doesn't know. I could have been several of his best friends!"

    Anyway, welcome to ADISC.
    Congratulations on the fiance.
    Does she know about your diapers?

    Is there any other information you would like to share like; hobbies, work, the names of the toll family living under your milk carton? Go ahead and look if you don't believe me, they are there.
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    Hey Eric, how goes it? Creative name, by the way /sarcasm
    so what are your hobbies outside of the whole AB/DL? What kind of musc do you like? Tell us more about yourself!
    Anyways, welcome to ADISC. Hope you enjoy your stay!

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    Welcome. It's always nice to see more people join.
    As Khaymen has already asked, what else do you like to do(Writing, programming, reading, etc).

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