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    Alright, This is probably my fault.

    After ordering a cloth diaper and plastic pants from cosyndry (the cloth diaper too small to wear and the plastic pants just barely being able to be pulled up above my waist. Sizes seemed skewed...) I was understandably excited. The plastic pants match my new dress and i was gunna get a new cloth diaper to try. as you saw in my parenthesis's, i was dissappointed.

    Now, i couldn't use the diaper. Its actually a rare breed that's too small to wear yet too big to be a stuffer. Bugger.

    As for the plastic pants, with lots of shimmying, i have successfully put them on and used them comfortably. However. After only two washes (and without my knowledge) they ripped in multiple places. So one night, i leaked. This disappoints me on many scales since My Babykins plastic pants are still going strong after over 20 washes. :/ I have to wash my plastic pants in the washer because i cant wash them in the shower. No i did not put them in the dryer.

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    It sounds like you got the wrong size, with plastic pants this greatly reduces the lifespan .

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