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    I am curious about the experience of being mothered by someone else. I saw a few posts about being mothered by spouses or boy/girlfriends. But beyond closed relationships, has anyone had the experience of being mothered by someone? If yes, who was that, how did it come about, what worked and what didn't?

    PS: no, this is not about sex.

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    I assume you mean mommying.
    I never have had the experience of being with a mommy, though my boyfriend is the 'daddy' caretaker role for me. (Which btw, I can go more indepth for you if you want, but I figured since you were curious about mommy aspects that that's what you'd want to hear).

    I did have the chance to mommy an AB boy once. It was fun, and a learning experience for us both. I diapered him, gave him a bottle/paci, changed him when he was wet, and also just basic care, like making sure he was comfy, getting his cartoons on, bathtime later and then cuddling with him, reading him a story then putting him to sleep. It was a lot of fun even though I mostly identify as an AB, not a caretaker. I am still trying to convince my boyfriend to let me baby him for a day, but I think we would both have fun if I did.

    I think the hardest part for us was getting over the initial awkwardness. I had diapered him before, just no AB play, so after I got him diapered, it was kind of giggly like "Okay what do we do now" but after a bit, it seemed normal and fun. He was definitely nervous but I found that adorable.

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    I would love to do this, but maybe that's just my stress talking.

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    It would be awesome, but yeah, the initial ... Jarring awkwardness would be rough.

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    It would maybe be akward at first, but I'm sure alot of people enjoy hugging and cuddling with their partners, so I think that part would be easy.

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    I got a rather odd story, it has nothing to do with diapers or anything related to baby/toddler stuff.

    So one day back in like 8th grade during P.E. period I accidentally fell after tripping over a squirrel hole when we were doing the run from to and from a fence. I got scraped on the elbow a bit so I got sent back to the class for some first aid. I told the only staff member in there what happened and requested a bandage, at the She recently just gave birth to her first child. So rather then me letting me place the bandage on myself, she insisted on doing it herself even after I protested to the idea. <_>

    The whole experience just felt odd to me, and that's the closest to "mothering" I had in real life in say the past 10 years. Again I know this has nothing to do with diapers or babying, but in my book it was the closest experience to this sort of thing I had in say.. 10+ years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyjhonny View Post
    well pm me if your intrested i really need a ma ma at the moment

    if you need more infomation just msg me
    I believe he was referring to being a mommy, not offering to be one...

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