We're seeking several new staff members, to help prepare us for the future.

  1. Newsletter writer
    • Responsible for writing one newsletter per 4-8 weeks, and submitting that newsletter to Moo.
    • Content should be like this example, covering a variety of recent events, upcoming events, hilights of certain content (like wiki page/article, social group, etc) and stuff specifically made for the newsletter, like an interview.
    • Since the primary purpose of the newsletter is to re-engage people who have not been active lately, I'm looking for someone who can write well, and in a way that draws people back to ADISC. The ability to write HTML is also a plus, though not required.

  2. Article Writers
    • Responsible for writing one serious article per month, these people will be building up our library of content, so that when we move to vBulletin 4.0, and start showcasing some of this content on the homepage, we have a variety of articles which we could feature.
    • Articles may be on AB/DL topics (like reviews of certain diapers, how to make/find various things, etc) or non-ABDL topics (anything that people in the 14-28 age range would benefit from reading). They must, though, be of good quality and genuinely useful to the reader.
    • Examples of suitable articles would be 1, 2, 3

Note that these positions would not involve moderation (or have moderation powers) of any kind.

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