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Thread: What is your favorite living setting?

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    Default What is your favorite living setting?

    For example, mine is rural. Like, desert rural. I don't know. I like being away from people and kind of "on my own in a way" . Just wondering what others prefer? Urban, Suburban, Rural? Somewhere in between? Does it vary?
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    Ski resort living. Like living on a nice ski mountain in a community of ski houses. Like kinda remote, but not completely in the boonies.

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    Good point. See, I think I'm doing a good job of working out some original posts

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    I definitely like a suburban setting. Big enough that you have privacy, but small enough that you don't feel crowded.

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    Outscerts of a city; Out of the city for privacy but not to far away I could bike anywhere needed.

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    I really want to try rural. I only get to experience it on the occasion. Kilometres away from the city, acres and acres of forest, hills, streams, ponds and lakes... my heart flares just thinking about it.

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    Well, I lived next to a farm on the outskirts of a small town in Northern Ontario. No other city for three hours. That's pretty rural. Then I shook things up a bit by moving to Toronto in the fall last year, and so far I'm loving it.

    I come up with these crazy living scenarios in my head sometimes, and my favourite would be living on the coast in a small house with a bunch of surfers near a large city. Somewhere sub-tropical too.

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    I am dying to move to a large city. I've always lived out in the boonies, and it gets old after awhile.

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    Tropical, Somewhere with lots of water.

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    By the water! An ocean or sound. I live where a river meets a salt marsh that leads to Long Island Sound. I wouldn't trade it for anywhere else in the world and I've visited a lot of it. If I was rich I'd buy up my neighbors homes and restore the land but I'd not leave my modest lot.

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