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    hi all, im a DL from northern colorado, any pretty pretty girls in the area feel free to contact me!!!

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    At the risk of sounding like an old pedantic fuddy-duddy raccoon, I have to warn you that you have managed to sound all the alarm bells which might make people suspicious of you and leery of interaction...

    Quote Originally Posted by diaperpooper88 View Post
    hi all, im a DL from northern colorado, any pretty pretty girls in the area feel free to contact me!!!
    We are not a dating site and announcing you're here for that purpose is off-putting...

    and your username is all about bodily functions, not to mention that it is the kind of anonymous, throwaway name (including an appended number) that implies you haven't much personal investment in the name, and consequently are less likely to invest in your identity on the forums.

    If I am wrong you may feel free to lambaste and correct me and chuck things at my head. You might also redo your intro with some more details about who you are as a person, as you choose. Adisc goes out of its way to provide for second and third chances, redos, retries, do-overs, name changes, and in general bending over backwards to accommodate its members, especially new ones.

    Please do feel free to reply with your thoughts and feelings. Also I might suggest checking out other peoples' intros and seeing which of them are applauded, or which of them you yourself feel are good ones...
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    Wait for it, wait for it...

    (awaiting ban hammer)

    Seriously, take a look at what this site is about before making an introduction. This is not a dating site. Try again with an appropriate introduction telling us a little about yourself and any interests you may have, perhaps a funny story or joke, etc., and maybe the ban hammer will not hit you over the head.

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    It only just occurred to me to realize that people dropping in to announce their babe-quest (heeeeeeeere chicky chicky chicky) are always straight... How come I haven't seen any gay (male or female) people trying to use Adisc for dating in this manner...? As in

    any hawt guys with prize-winning abs and buns of steel in the area feel free to contact me!!!
    Certainly there are amongst our gay brethren (there must be) ones on the make, yet they go about it with more decorum, more subtlety, and... more success.

    odd, that...
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    Maybe I'm wrong, but my guess is that most "pretty girls" in Colorado (and elsewhere in the world) who want a "diaperpooper" will find themselves a nice, handsome and trustworthy guy, possibly marry, spend at least one special night with him and then wait 9 months. Voilà - one cute lil diaper pooper right there.

    In the light of that argument, why not introduce yourself properly?!

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    Rather inappropriate name, were unlike other sites. If it's sad perverted role play your after look elsewhere -.-

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