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    IMVU- ahh the bliss of the place i mean just bliss anyway who here plays it? I have a profile i have spent over 10$ on. SLycamer.
    also i was wondering if ya want to like set up a party on imvu or somethin?

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    I used to, but then it did not like working with my computer. So i have not been on it for a long time.

    but here is my page

    IMVU: My avatar page: Sidkai

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    Used to use it but it was a waste of time in my opinion. You can't really do much of anything on it and a lot of the other *B/DL people on there that I met were about as interesting as talking to rocks.

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    I have a profile...I haven't been on for awhile and haven't spent any money yet...but you reminded me of imvu so thank you...ill locate my profile...can you send me a friend request on her so I can find you quickly to add you on imvu...

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    well they added so much to it that i came back.
    I quit it before cause it was so horrible but it has grown alot! i encourage everyone to try again

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    Okay I rejoined...I sent you a request...I'm waslost1234abc... I have a guest account...

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