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Thread: effing PS3 800501F

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    Default effing PS3 800501F

    Anyone else pissed about this little annoyance?

    For those who don't know. a Y2K like glitch in the system has crashed 50 to 70 % of all PS3's across the world.

    I was hoping to play some origins tonight to relax but guess I will go down and shot my Taurus for awhile instead.

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    AUHAGELKJYUISHFLKAJFI HUIEHFH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is how I feel!!!! SO MAD!!!

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    Yeah I'm a little pissed off. But I usually play my 360 more than my ps3 anyway.

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    What is the worse is offline games can't even be played either. Everything is messed up. Downloadable content is not available for play. And even if you get a game workin trophies won't be recognized. So pretty much the ps3 is completely unusable right now.

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    There's more to this it's a bug on the OLD FAT ps3's apparently the slims are fine.

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    "LOL, at all the 360 fanboys. Have fun with your red ring's of death."

    ::turns on PS3 and tries to play uncharted 2::


    I personally feel 100% vindicated that I never got a PS3/360 and went the route of Wii/PC.

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    Killing all PS3s simultaneously for at least 24 hours?

    I don't think Sony fanboys are allowed to make RRoD comments anymore...

    The Internet suggests someone at Sony is an idiot and this is a leap year issue. If that's the case, it should right itself in *checks watch* 31 minutes (as the PS3 uses GMT internally)

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    It didn't bother me much. I've just been playing PS2 games lately, though on my PS3.

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    Its called 8005010F and until they fix this error I will not even touch my PS3. All I can say is OH MY RADA!

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