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Thread: the caps-lock key, REBEL!!

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    Eh, I'd probably do that to my keyboard if it wouldn't make it look weird.

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    Jokes aside, it doesn't matter much to me. If I hit it by accident, I just hit it again, no big deal.

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    It annoys me sometime when I hit by accident and doesn't notice it.
    But yeah, not such a biggie.

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    Well.. I do find it useful sometimes, like for programming (e.g. SQL queries where keywords are often written in all caps). However, probably the main annoyance is if I'm multitasking I'll forget to turn it off if I alt+tab to another window. But, other than that I don't really care .

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    Mine has a small indentation next to the A before the main part of the capslock button

    So I don't have any problem with it, on my laptop, sometimes but I'm not going to remove that key from there.

    On my old keyboards I did do this.

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    ever ince ive seen that video ive had the urge to mutilate my keyboard...

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    Oh, the caps lock is fine by me. Now, the Num lock is slightly annoying (mostly when I accidentally de-activate it while coding). But the Insert key... Now, THAT'S a rant I could get behind! The worst part it, I only realized where it was and what it does a couple of years ago, despite using computers all my life.

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    On a regular keyboard, I have no problem with the Caps Lock key, but on laptops, I often find myself having to retype things several times a day. I wouldn't want to remove it from my laptop though.

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