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Thread: It's a babyfur!

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    Default It's a babyfur!

    Hi, I'm Yin sometimes known as bubblewhip. I'm a babyfur as you could guess. Sorta a weird history being an anti-fur turned furry, kinda a long story but nice to interact with new members of this community.

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    Welcome to the site! I'm going to skip the generic "tell us your hobbies" message and jump straight to the question that I really want to know. Tell us the story! Please...

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    Welcome to ADISC! Now I am really interested in this story now.

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    Zola, Mr.Yin,

    It's always nice to see fresh faces. But tell me, what else do you enjoy? Staring at paint peel (a personal favourite of mine), perhaps raiding a poor bosses dungeon in search of loot. (okay, i have to admit, Prof. Putracide had it coming...not that i play wow....)

    Anywho, who're you is what i'm asking ^^

    I also agree with the members above me, what is this story?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Little Tyler View Post

    Anywho, who're are you is what i'm asking ^^
    Who are are you?

    But seriously what interests you? What incredible and awesome oddities are there for you to share?

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    I'm not even going to beat around the bush. I'm only posting to find out this elusive story... lol You seem like you'll be an interesting specimen...

    EDIT: OMG! You are my favorite babyfur here. You are Canadian. And your intro is extremely effective. I now really want to get to know you.
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    What if this is a trick to make it a great intro to post? But the suspence is killing me!

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    Welcome to ADISC!
    I'm interested to know your story as well actually.
    Though that's purely on your time, you need not feel pressured into sharing anything you do not desire to at the moment ^^

    for has been said...Welcome!

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    See you got yourself a Tavi tag too n.n. As others have mentioned what's your story *sits on the floor and waits*.

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