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    Default Sequel to "my intro"

    When I left off in my intro, my babysetter, with my asking her, and with my mother's approval, had diapered me for the first time I could remember, and I was thrilled beyond anything. As I said, even after Timmy woke up and came out of his room, I didn't care if he saw my diapers (Katty had already taken his wet diapers off after his nap), I was in another world.

    Katty took my diapers off after I wet them (another neat time!), and soon afterwards, mom came home from work and got me home. She then told me that Katty had called her about finding me putting a diaper in my underwear, and my asking her if I could have a diaper on. Mom said that she told Katty that she had really pushed me through babyhood, and now felt bad about that. Mom knew that I had been pushed too fast and maybe this could be a way of making up for that. So mom told me that she said it would be ok for Katty to diaper me if I really wanted it. Then mom asked me how I felt being diapered. Well at first I felt funny telling mom about the diapers but then I just told her everything, how good I felt in them. Mom seemed happy about that and asked me if I still wanted to have Katty diaper me tomorrow. I said YES, and so in the morning when she dropped me off, I saw her talking to Katty and when nap time came again, she diapered me with Timmy. All the great feelings came back again.

    But after our naps, I didn't want Katty to take my diaper off. So she let me wear them like the day before, even changing me when I wet it. I felt WONDERFUL. I didn't keep track of the time, and before I knew it, mom was coming in the door with me still in diapers. I ran behind the sofa and looked at mom with my diapers covered up. She smiled at me and lovingly asked me to come out from behind the sofa. I smiled back and slowly came to her. She reached down and gave me a big hug and patted the back of my diapers. I was in heaven!!! She took my diapers off and got my clothes on and we walked home.

    I never felt closer to my mom then when she hugged me and patted my diapers that day. Having her express love like that was a turning point in our relationship. From then on, that seemed to be our daily ritual. Katty would diaper me with Timmy for our naps and then I would continue to wear my diapers like Sally, with Timmy in underwear, until mom came home. I would usually need one changing which I loved also. I never did #2 in them, just wet them. Even after Sally became trained in the daytime, I would still wear my diapers until mom came home, Sally and Timmy didn't care.

    The only time mom really diapered me was when I came down with one of the childhood diseases, I am not sure which one. I was sick for about 2.5 weeks, and mom took off from work to take care of me. Sally was out of diapers by this time, so Katty gave mom alot of diapers and mom bought somemore plastic pants, and I stayed in diapers for the whole time I was sick. If it wasn't for being sick, I had a great time with mom babying me. She even gave me a baby bottle for drinking water while I laid down. I was almost sad I got well and went back to Katty's house and mom back to work.

    The time came for me to start school and my life changed. I was only at Katty's house for a couple of hours aday now, so there wasn't time for diapers anymore. But strange as it seems, I didn't really miss them. I loved school so much and was good at it, and I sort of forgot about diapers. My dad bought me a great bicycle which I would ride for hours around town. And my dad seemed to have more time now to be with me and we had beautiful times together. Then my mother became pregnant with my sister. After she was born, and with all the baby things around and diapers and plastic pants, I liked the baby things and watching mom baby her, but I had no desire to wear diapers again. I loved seeing the diapers on the clothesline, and watching her walk around with her plastic pants showing under her dresses, but it still didn't make me want to wear them!

    I got through high school being a star in track and field. I ran the mile in 4:31 which was good, but that was the year Jim Ryan was the first high schooler to run the mile under 4:00! I went to college and graduated with top honors. Then I met the girl of my dreams. We had a great wedding and started our life together. It had been so long since I had had any thoughts about diapers, that I didn't even think to tell her about my past diaper wearing, or that I even needed to.

    Then we started our family. We had three children in 6 years and were very blessed. The only thought about diapers during these early years was that I asked my wife to use cloth diapers on our children. I gave the excuse that it would be cheaper then disposables, which were out by this time, but really down deep I wanted to have cloth diapers and plastic pants around me again for some reason. It never got much more then that though. In fact, I couldn't wait for my wife to get the kids out of diapers because it took alot of time changing them when we were out somewhere. But once-in-awhile, I would get some "flashback" when I would see her changing the kids or see them in their diapers, thinking about my mother or Katty doing that to me.

    Well, all went on until I saw blood on my underwear one day. I went to the doctor and he wanted to do a colon test. I went though all the test, and the doctor finally said it was a bad case of hemorhoids. So in I went for surgery. I came home and started a 6 week recovery. Well right away I started to leak out of my rectum. I was so sore and miserable and then the leaking. My wife thought it was gross leaking all over my underwear and bed, and so she said she was going to the store.

    Well she came back awhile later and in her hand was a bag of Depend Fitted Briefs, the old green ones. I couldn't believe it! She said she was sorry, but she was going to have me wear them to stop the mess. I was so sore I could hardly move, so she proceeded to diaper me. When she pulled that diaper up between my legs and taped it, all the old feelings came rushing back. Even though it was a disposable and not cloth, it felt wonderful to me. I just couldn't believe what I had missed all of these years. Well it came time to change me and she even had a can of baby powder left over from the kids that she used on me for the next diaper. I was in heaven again. Then being so sore, I made the excuse that it would be easier for me to wet the diaper then to have to get out of bed to go to the bathroom. Well my wife thought that was alittle funny, but she agreed. I then said it would probably be better if she would put one of the kids old cloth diapers in the Depends as a soaker to help the disposable. She found a bunch of the kids diapers around the house and the next change, did that. That just sent me over the edge!!!

    She had sent the kids to grandmas house while I was home to help me stay rested, so I was free to be diapered without fear of the kids seeing me, it was great. This went on for many weeks, and I know that when my wife had to get the third bag of diapers, she knew something was going on.

    When I was totally well and back to work, and I asked her if I could wear a diaper to bed because I wasn't sure if I would have an accident now, she knew we had to talk. Well an hour later, I finally told her about my past. She was upset about the whole thing for a few weeks. But then when I would wear a diaper at night, she commented that I seemed to be much more relaxed the next day then when I didn't wear one. I was better around the kids, better to her and she liked what she saw. So she let me wear them, even diapering me as when I was sick, for 3 months in a row to see how it went. Well I past the test better then she imagined I would. And from that time to this I have worn diapers nightly to bed.

    After the test, she found a website that had adult cloth diapers and plastic pants and ordered me some. It has been glorious ever since.

    Our intimate times our great. Even though we are in our later years, our sexual side of our marriage is fantastic. I should probably go on the "mature site" and tell some of our great times together.

    It's a wonderful life!!!

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    I would perfer you didn't talk about sex but it's good that your wife supports you.

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