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Thread: If you were having diapers made up, what would you need?

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    Default If you were having diapers made up, what would you need?

    Hi Guys,

    Just curious to know, if you were getting diapers custom made just for you, what is the one thing with the diaper that you would want/need?

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    A well fitting diaper is my #1.

    Because I have hips that are 10" bigger than my waist, diapers fit awkwardly on me. There is always space at the top in the back, and it's just... enh.

    I did have a custom diaper made for me once. And it fit perfectly. Another thing I wanted was the bulkiness, and I got that, as well. It came with an insert that made it bulky, but was removable for washing/drying, and when I didn't want it so bulky.

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    i would have one that was tight around the legs and really thick but not to lose its shap when i sit down.

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    Butterfly Mage


    If I could design the perfect diaper for me, it would have the following attributes:
    -- Smooth, crinkly plastic backing with baby prints
    -- Really thick, absorbant padding.
    -- A soft topsheet that would help keep me feeling dry.
    -- A snug, leak-free fit
    -- costs no more than Abena

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    around 4-5 inches of bulk, plastic backed, and I wouldn't care all too much about designs.

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    Lots of SAP! I like a diaper with major absorbency. They swell up and get all squshie like and don't ooze out.

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    In a perfect world, with the co-operation of P&G, I would love to have available slip in disposable pads made like the main part of a Pampers Cruiser but without any side wings or standing leg gathers. It would just be flat, but using the same proportion of fluff to SAP and the same inner and outer layers. My guess is they would sell better if made without the cartoons. Right now I make my own by cutting off the side flaps and the cartoons are not a problem.

    Then I would like adult daytime diapers which use the same outer layer and inner layer as Pampers Cruisers, also with the same proportion of fluff to SAP. The Cruiser is designed for toddlers who have some bladder control, so they have more fluff than most other baby disposables to increase rapid absorption. The SAP increases total capacity and also helps wick urine away from the inner layer.

    Unfortunately for adults a single wider tab per side is not practical, although I give ABU points for trying. So my ideal adult daytime disposable would have 3 tabs per side for best adjustment and fit.

    For bedtime (night or naps) a different disposable is needed. Just as Pampers makes Cruisers for active kids and Baby Dry of bed and naps, I believe adult bedtime diapers need a classic poly-plastic outer layer. Sadly, in bed hook and loop tabs do not stay positioned. This means the fasteners need to be sticky tapes. I dislike the stiffness of a Bambino-style landing zone, so I would take my chances sticking the tapes to the plastic outer layer. I want bed disposables to have the absorbent core extend to the sides of the front wings, so the plastic of the back laps over it. This side core will vastly reduce leaks from side sleeping.

    Now, taking this further, those slip-in pads work fine with gauze or other cloth diapers. I should know because I often use one of the Cruisers I modify as the soaker next to my pubic region. As a slip-in I modify Size 4, which is the largest that fits me when I am moving. Those give me 3+ hours of capacity. A size 5 lasts almost 5 hours on me, but is too big as a slip-in. However, Size 5 or 5 does fit me inside a gauze diaper since either are about the size of a Gerber Birdseye pre-fold.

    I have been reluctant to mention any of this to P&G Pampers R&D. People who know say the deal P&G made about Attends precludes them returning to the adult disposable market in North America for many years. My corcern is that if P&G finds out about all of us modifying Cruisers into slip-in pads, they will increase the price of Cruisers beyond current levels.
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    What I would really like is a pullup sized for adults, but designed like Pampers Easy-Ups. The current adult-sized pullups are kinda goofy. The sides are all ruffly, the padding doesn't go all the way up, there aren't any standing leak guards, and they don't work all that well. I could even deal with plain white, as long as the physical design of the pullup was like the Easy-Ups. Of course, prints and colors would be preferred

    Quote Originally Posted by angelabauer View Post
    My corcern is that if P&G finds out about all of us modifying Cruisers into slip-in pads, they will increase the price of Cruisers beyond current levels.
    Why would they do this? Just curious about the reasoning behind the statement...

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    Something with velcro, a huge velcro landing pad, and huge velcro straps. I like having a thigh diaper, and the larger the tapes, the tighter the fit I find. Velcro because it's more audible than tape, and move convenient in my thoughts.

    A thickness that would put it just on the brink of waddle, and that swells when you wet it.

    Design wise, make it tie-dye, and have a nice pocket on the side to carry an ipod or something.

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    Tygon, there are better adult pull-ups with more padding, standing leak guards, etc. They're just, like quality tape-on diapers, not sold at the average chain store. Tena, Tranquility, Abena and some others all produce quality pull-ups.

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