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Thread: Just How do You Tell a Person?!?

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    Default Just How do You Tell a Person?!?

    OK my best friend i could describe to him what a furry(/furre which is it?) was and i could tellish my gf back last year but this year whatever i say comes out wrong and it all is getting in a mess and some people are saying i am lying but the entire thing is a big misunderstanding that accidentally spread threw the school. so how do you tell people. I said that some furries believed they were an animal in a human body and in sense i go with that but i want it to sound better i guess.

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    Well, the abridged version I've heard in my school quite a bit is

    "A furry is a person who dresses up as animals to have sex with other people dressed up as animals."

    I'd describe it as... "Kinda like a person, but fluffier."

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuteGaachan View Post
    I'd describe it as... "Kinda like a person, but fluffier."
    HAHA that is just awsome

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    People who enjoy anthropomorphic art and/or cosplay, sometimes involving yiffing... that's the shortest I could think of.

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    THE Issue with that is they would not know those words either thou i suppose i could explain the one and say the other they don't want to know

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    You could always just refrain from mentioning yiffing. Anthropomorphic beings have been around since ancient religions. All the ancient Egyptian gods were anthropomorphic.

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    For me, I love furry and babyfur art, and it is in no way a fetish for me. I like to dress up as a bunny, to have fun, and miming is always fun. Furry art can be described as human like figures, with animal features, such as fur, animal ears, a muzzle (most of the time), a tail, and sometimes, digi-grade legs. Most of the art i like is very girly and cutesy.

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    Since the furry fandom is so big and has many branches and sub-groups, I'd describe, and I have described it to the people I've told, that furry is a fandom with people that in one way or another fancies anthropomorphic animals.
    Then of course, you'd have to describe anthropomorphic.
    Give the one(s) you're telling an example which the can easily refer to, such as... Disney's Robin Hood or maybe Watership Down?
    Animals with human characteristics, walking upright, speech and clothing just to name some.
    You can then also make the point that it's a broad fandom, and make the statement that not all furries are the same. Not everyone is into yiff, not everyone is gay, not everyone are oversensitive poor bastards... etc etc yadda yadda... You probably get the drill and have more examples than me.
    I think this is a good way to start, and something to move on from.
    Focus on the things that are "easy" for people to take in and manage, such as maybe cons, fursuiting, artwork...
    Avoid the sexual aspects if there are any at a start, or at-least leave it for the final part of your discussion.
    Should they not like it... their problem. Up to them if they wanna follow every least resistance and run away rather than giving an honest try to understand.

    All the ancient Egyptian gods were anthropomorphic.
    Also a good example which also takes it a bit deeper without touching a nerve I think.

    I'd describe it as... "Kinda like a person, but fluffier."
    The short yet effective way to explain!

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    Taking this way to serious. You don't need to proclaim your fandom from the rooftops. There's no more reason to advertise you're a furry to everyone then if you were a star trek or comic book nerd. It's an interesting quirk, but most people don't care and really don't want your geekdom shoved in their face.

    Just saying.

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