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Thread: What The Hell!

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    Default What The Hell!

    so as many of you may not know i've been a bedwetter for all my life
    -No Its Not cool!!!!
    -yes it sux

    but the thing is i had everything under control
    i was at the point where it had been like 3 moths dry
    and for the last week its ben an everyday thing
    so does anyone kow any good remedies
    i know phosperous works some times but i cant really get my hands on suppliments or anything like that and ive (again) stopped drinkin 2 hrs b4 bed
    and i havent drank any alchol for bout 2 weeks
    so if anyone can help itll really be appreciated

    Ps its the rainy season here so im guessing thats y but ive slept with my window open for like 8 years (even when it rains) so im not sure if thats a factor

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    hmm... increased stress? maybe horomone levels? (IDK how old you are)

    has anything about your life or sleep habits changed?

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    It happens...My advice is to start up a stricter drinking routine, and doing some bladder exercises...That's what I did when I used to wet the bed, and now I have a Godlike bladder (as I've said other times >__>)...But don't drink anything within 2-3 hours of going to bed...Make sure to use the toilet right before bed...Hold in your pee as long as you can to gain strength in your bladder...Don't drink soda's or anything with caffeine/diuretics before going to bed...Get a plastic sheet on your bed (if you haven't already)

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    -Well, if you drink caffeine, try to stop that a good six hours before you go to bed if not all together.

    -If you wake up like right after you wet the bed and look at the time, seeing that it is the same time every night. I would set an alarm for a half hour before and go use the bathroom, then go back to bed until. Do this until your body regulates itself and knows to wake up when the bladder is full.

    -Stress is also a big reason that older people bed wet, so if you can reduce the things that stress you, that could help a ton. I know, thats what helped me.

    -It can also be caused by the lower abdominal muscles- the middle under the belly button. So if you take like 15 second massaging that a couple of times a day and before bed, it might help, seems weird, but it does work.

    -Some people say that a tablespoon of honey worked for them.

    -Also, do you have a small bladder? If so, you can try to hold it a little more during the day, when you need to go, so you can toughen it for the night.

    -Some doctors say to just drink water all day (nothing else) and instead of holding it, always go right when you need to, no holding.

    Thats all I got, I really hope that I helped, keep us updated on what is happening.


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    Stress or uncontroled change are some of the big things that can cause psychological bedwetting. Do some research and see if you can match up something that's happened in your life with a known cause of bedwetting.

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    i know its caused by stress and genetics
    i got it from my dads side of the famo
    i kno thats y i have it

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    Drinking a bit more during the day might actually be a good idea. I read over it a little while ago. The human body gives a minute load of antidiuretic-hormone right after sunset. (ADH is a hormone that prevents the body from dehydration, mind the double denial, it causes yellower pee)

    Imagine drinking a bit more during the day. Your body needs to spend less ADH, there's plenty of water anyway, no worries about dehydration. Inevitably, there'll be more left for the night, a certain amount is stored after all.

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    where did you read this at?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfinn View Post
    where did you read this at?
    If you meant me, the fact ADH (AntiDiuretic Hormone) causes water to be reabsorbed into the bloodstream was in my biology book. The article about ADH on wikipedia says a rather large amount of it is released into our blood right after sundown, this will last throughout the night for most people. Bedwetting is often caused by a lack of ADH production, or the inability to wake up when the bladder is full. A combination of both is possible, of course. An ADH gland can only produce a certain amount per day. If you drink little amounts of water, the gland will constantly be producing antidiuretic to tell the kidneys they should definitely not waste the little water there is left in the system. After using nearly all ADH during the day, there's not much left for the night, is there.

    Based on Fullmetal's advice, a combination of causes is usually the case. Stress on its own normally does not cause incontinence, only in extreme cases. Same goes for a small bladder and caffeine. Neither cause incontinence, except for extreme cases. A combination of them can pose a greater chance, though.

    "-It can also be caused by the lower abdominal muscles- the middle under the belly button. So if you take like 15 second massaging that a couple of times a day and before bed, it might help, seems weird, but it does work." I have never heard of that before, but tiring out the muscle that puts strain on our bladder (see: parasympathetic nervous system), can actually disable it to put pressure on our bladder. Well, it probably doesn't disable it, but I can imagine is lessens the stress on our bladder.

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    An interesting biological lesson. So if I actually drink less during the day... and a lot before bed... it might increase the chances of bedwetting?

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