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    This is my own ideas and thoughts of ABU's Cushies. I am a first time customer of ABU and have not dealt with their notoriously bad customer service previously mentioned by other users.

    Order Placement / Shipping time:

    Date Ordered - 2/12/2010

    Date that I took shipment - 2/23/2010

    It took 7 business days or 11 days to order, ship, and receive what I ordered from the time it was placed. Though normally I would not have been impressed with the shipping time (Bambino is by far the fastest turn around of 3 business days), I am particularly satisfied that I received my order from a company that has had some problems in it's history. Also, considering that this is a new product and that larger volumes of orders were probably received than normal, but were still able to ship me my order in an alright amount of time. I am overall happy with the time it took to ship my order -- it could definitely be faster but I won't hold ABUniverse to it at this time as this is a new product and lots of people are making orders.


    Upon opening a bag of my Cushies, the additional $2.00 option of "Baby Scent" was clearly noticible. It is an almost sweet intoxicating smell that I feel like I can fainlty remember. It has a very light baby powder scent with a trail of baby lotion or some sort of scent like that. It's very nice and light -- not overpowering. Just right. I like it and I personally wouldn't order Cushies without it!


    On the outside, the Cushies diaper has very cute prints all over the entire outer surface of the diaper. The design is babyish enough, with repeating sets of various objects and shapes: Stars, Hearts, Airplanes, Sailboats, Balloons, and flowers. On the front of the diaper, where the landing zone is, these shapes and objects are colored in as opposed to the light purple/violet.

    On the inside of the diaper, the absorbent material has a very clean look -- it looks like a quality cut and finish. The lines are sharp and the inside material has a woven honeycomb pattern. The feel of the diaper inside isn't soft like other adult diapers, it feels more rough. I usually wear Bambinos, if not Abena Abri-Form X-Plus' and the Cushies are at the bottom of softness. Wearing the diaper doesn't feel uncomfortable at all, it feels fine but it just isn't as soft as other diapers.

    When worn, the diaper looks very much so like a modern baby diaper, with prints surrounding the diaper area, a purple theme is found ala Pampers, the diaper only has a total of two tapes, one on each side for fastening. The tapes are wide and hefty. The tapes feel good in the hand and feel durable. The diaper from the front looks very much like a baby diaper and the rear looks cute and very close to how a diaper would look on an infants rump. Very cute!

    Feel and Sound:

    The plastic of Cushies is a very soft plastic, it feels very luxurious because of how soft it feels versus a Bambino. However it's durability is unknown -- It feels thin and because of such, it crinkles delightfully. It's not super loud crinkly or a lot of it, it's a low-medium crinkle. Noticible but can be muffled with tight clothing.

    Thickness and Absorbency

    The diaper is almost the same size as other adult diapers when folded up, however when unfolded, the diaper's thin-ness becomes apparent. The diaper is thinner compared to Bambinos and Abena Abri-Form X-Plus. I'd say these diapers match "medium" absorbency diapers. Note: Though these diapers are on the thin side, they feel like an accurate representation of a baby diaper of increased sized to fit an adult. These Cushies really do nail the baby diaper thing well, however, considering the price point and being a diaper lover, I definitely want to say that the Cushies do need a little more thickness/absorbency before I am completely happy with them.

    Absorbency/Capacity - ★★☆☆☆

    Absorbency is alright at best, I can't stress how thin the diaper is, after a few small wettings, the diaper became saturated and I leaked. The material doesn't do a good job of wicking away moisture from the skin, and it holds about 1.5~ good wettings (Like someone estimated prior). In additional to the low capacity, the material feels like it's clumping together, it doesn't completely do it but it feels very mushy. It feels like theres a bad pulp to gel ratio or something. I feel this is the critical failure in the Cushies diaper. If the absorbency was a bit higher, the form of the diaper might look better when worn (little more babyish?) and has better utility as a diaper itself.

    Note: Baby diapers aren't meant for extended periods of time, they are meant to be changed frequently which is why I feel ABU's Cushies fall on the thin side. I believe they are going for baby diaper accuracy but I also feel that despite achieving the baby diaper look and style, the usefulness isn't as much as we ALL would like, considering the thickness/absorbency aspect of it. Not to mention the price! Eek!

    Comfort and Tape Design

    After wearing these diapers for an hour, I can say these diapers are comfortable, and will stay on so long as you aren't performing rigorous exercise. Though I will note that they feel "loose" because of the single tape design. I have refastened the tape 3x and now the adhesive is strong but after the third refastening, I have noticed that the adhesive lost a little strength.

    *I worry if i'm going to leak because of the wiggle room the diaper has because it isn't as form fitting as an adult diaper, this will allow cracks and openings where the leak guards are supposed to make contact with the skin but i'm not sure yet as I haven't wet enough to see or understand how they work. I'll come back and update this info.

    I will go on to say that when you see the diaper in the mirror, it does look VERY babyish and I love it. It looks really cute with the top part that sticks out above the taping points, freely hanging out near my belly button. Lovely.

    Conclusion and thoughts

    Does ABUniverse's new Cushies live up to the hype?

    I'd have to say, mostly Yes! What Cushies does right is the baby diaper look, feel and smell. Where Cushies falls short on is diaper thickness and absorbency. I would definitely like for Cushies to be a little thicker and more absorbent. The part that makes contact with your skin could be a little more soft -- that upgrade/modifcation isn't exactly needed but it would definitely be welcome.

    Cushies are the ultimate recreation of a baby diaper for an adult baby, and a fun diaper for a diaper lover. But, for someone who values absorbency over looks may want to look elsewhere for now. Will I be buying another case? Probably not some time soon unless I find a way to get more discounts as the price is prohibitively high to be buying Cushies frequently, but before placing another order, I hope they are upgraded in absorbency and thickness.

    ABUniverse, this diaper is almost perfect in my opinion. Just increase the thickness/absorbency and lower the price and you've got yourself a complete winner! I love my Cushies



    (Front/Landing Zone)

    (Inner / Absorbent Part of Cushies Diaper)

    (Tapes Tab / Wing)

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    I was at their warehouse at 6pm today and I got the impression that they are working extra hours to try and get orders out as fast as possible. I think they only got in the shipment last week sometime and they had a pretty big stack of packing lists to put together.

    Also, on the tapes: If your having issues with the tape not having enough tack right off the bat, try rubbing it after you have fastened it down, the adhesives on the tapes work better when heated up a little.

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    If these are anything close to the super dry kids I will have to say that these have to be the best diaper I have ever seen!!I have tried the SDK and my only complaint was the tapes could not be refastened.I have been inco for many years now and have tried out many different brands...Never tried Bambino or Abena but every other brand in the US that I am aware of.In my opinion after reading all the SDK and Cushie reviews I believe they will both hold up very well if you put them on and keep aware that you have a fragile plastic pee catcher between your legs!!!That being said I CAN'T WAIT TO GET MY ABU ORDER!!!!


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    Instead of posting my own review and makeing spam ill just add my review here as i agree alot with Jon

    Smell: Jon is right, the baby scent is just heavenly. Reminds me of my cousins diapers. ^_^ i wont order w/o scent. easily worth $2.

    Feel and Sound: soft, crinkley. and if need be easily muffled. my plastic pants i got from them work well to muffle

    Thickness and Absorbency: yes they do seem to not really have any padding or true thickness to them. But my first one held about 1 full flood and 1 medium flood. No leaks but felt like they would.

    For my second one, which i am currently wearing and about to change out of soon. I decided to find a fix on the absorbancy. And i think i have found a solution until ABU makes them thicker. I used one of my bambino quatro boosters and it fixed the low absorbancy and it seems to be holding the stuffing in a nice way. This fix has allowed for 2 complete floodings and 1 small/medium wetting. Also a small mess *blushes*

    Tapes: The two tapes feel weird compared to the 4 tapes im used to. But it does truely make me feel like a baby. Im not sure about looseness cause mine fit pretty nice. and with my plastic pants they fit just right.

    Overall I give them a 3.5/5 diaper score.

    Tho it does seem to fall slightly short on absorbancy. It seems to be easily fixed with a booster. And overal. I think after a few generations of redesign I think they may come to rival and possibly surpass bambino

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    they are too expensive for me my mom moniters my savings account so if i buy online with my debit card(which is linked to my savings) she will find out that i am into diapers :/ but i think she might already know :P

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    I just received my shipment of ABU Cushies today. I will try one on tonight when I go to bed and will let everybody know what I think about them in the AM. OMG they certainly look cute! Love the prints on front and back and love that they have just two, wide, tapes.

    Isn't it great to try new diapers!?


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    See my review of these diapers in the 'Teenbaby' discussion thread.

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