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Thread: Ive Stopped Smoking

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    Post Ive Stopped Smoking

    I have been through the whole day and havent touched a single cigg with the help of my nicorette inhalator.

    I strongly recommend this piece of equipment guys, well worth it.

    I havent been craving either so thats good.

    I wonder how long i'll last? I know its early days but im sooo proud of myself, its like, one of those moments where you finally learn to use the potty and your mum and dad are all happy and you are all chuffed with yourself.

    Any body have any experience in quitting? What was it like?


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    I quit about 2 years ago. I used Champex (Chantix in the states, I'm pretty sure)... it blocks the receptors in your brain that finds smoking enjoyable. You pick a day between the 8th and 14th day of using it... and you just quit. Which is easy to do, since smoking becomes absolutely disgusting... it worked well, and I was pretty proud of myself.

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    Congrats ! I am proud of both of you. Only another smoker, or ex-smoker, can truely understand what a huge accomplishment it is to quit smoking. Once the spring-time weather arrives, I plan to quit the coffin nails again, once and for all.

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    My uncle said, from first hand experience, that quitting cigarettes was harder than rehab for crack.

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    A few of my friends have said that after the third day it gets easier but I'm pretty sure neither of them were on a product that helped them quit.

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    I stopped and started a number of times before I finally quit. But if you want to quit, you will. That's how I stopped. All I can say is, good for you.

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    Wow, I'm really impressed! I've been trying the past few days to quit, but there's so much temptation around, and smoking really helps with my job!

    I'm so impressed!!! Good luck with the next few days!! xXx

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    Congrats Baby Ginger! Quitting is not fun at all; in fact, to be completely honest, it sucks really bad (I'm sure those that have stopped or have tried to stop smoking can attest to this). I'm sure its a lot easier to do it when you're using a product; I wish I would have haha! Congrats again!

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    Just take it one day at a time, if you find yourself slip and smoke one do not think all is lost just go back to whatever you were doing before the slip.

    I quit cold turkey a while back it was so far back cigs were around $1.75 a pack, I slipped up after about 2 weeks away from smoking, and just smoked the one, and I never touched cigs again.

    Keep going I know you can do it.

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    well I can't realy help because for some reason I'm not addicted to weed alcohole or cigeretts.....sorry...I mean i've done them for months at a time and one day I was just like wat ever.....I didn't want to do any of it....I wounder if it has anything to do with me being ADHD????

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