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Thread: Artistic Preference

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    Default Artistic Preference

    My artistic outlets are from poetry
    and photography.

    I cannot draw a realistic picture, I've tried and it still amazes me how some put pen to paper and come up with such wonderful images.

    A few of my favorites are;

    The Scream
    Starry Night
    and The Persistence of Memory

    What stirs you artistically?

    Would you like to share some of your creative outlets?

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    -poems from fernando pessoa and some of his 73 personas.
    -some painting I lost track of a few years back... it was from a woman who had a cripling disease which manifested itself in phisical deformation and feeblement, and she put everything of that in the painting. from ladders leading from one plane of existance to the next, to missing jigsaw pieces in her painting, to the disturbing image that was her legs, close to a high-heel shoe, which simbolized her desire to do something as banal as wearing those shoes and the cracks that were all over the painting...

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    Butterfly Mage


    I like to write fiction. I'm not all that good, but it is an enjoyable form of artistic expression.

    I also write liturgy for worship services. That usually involves a lot of poetry.

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    I draw Traditional;/Digital
    I write Stories/comics/Graphic Novels
    I sculpt Clay/wood
    I Design stuff Computers/Bedroom/Kitchens

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    I guess I'm more into songs than anything else. I like hardcore super-fast shred your face off stuff, but a gnarly ambient soudning track that takes you somewhere is always great. Dig poems too, mostly of the ridiculous variety.

    Personally, I do a lot of expression through the music I write. Never been one for lyric writing, but I've done quite a few songs on my guitar. Some people can but out songs really quickly and come up with interesting ways to throw a few chords together. Most of the stuff I write goes all over the place for about 6-10 minutes. I write stuff that challenges me and I have fun playing. Haven't recorded any of my own stuff, and videos I have are would show folks who I are. So I can't really post any of that junk, but here's some stuff I done before:

    Song I wrote in writing class last year. I'm bad at writing seriosu stuff I think, so I came up with this. I write stories, not a lot of poetry or lyrics, but I dig this one.

    Here's another one I did for class last year. Kinda an idea of what I figure funny is.

    I dunno. I guess that's not really artistc expression. Maybe more like a demonstration or something. Whatever. I was into beat poetry awhile back, and I'd mostly throw down illogical words and concepts in fancy ways on paper. Don't seem to have many of them around anymore, and they're usually not very solid. Oh well.

    I figure there's no right or wrong way to express yourself through art. It's just putting yourself out there, and as long as you're honest it works. I could put everything I got into some drawing and all the art collectors in the world could say it sucks. Wouldn't matter, cause it's what the drawing means to me, ya know? Like when I write music - I hate it when I find myself wondering if people will like what I'm doing. Art shouldn't be about impressing people, cause then it becomes a job or something. When I read through people's writing or listen to a song or look at something they've created, only I'm going to judge is whether or not I think it's honest expression. You can tell when something's forced or doesn't feel true. Like a generic rock song about getting partying with some girl - that's just dandy, but there's no feel. Pretty lame. And simple poems can be just as good as complex ones as long as they have something to say, or if they have feeling. Yeah... yeah.

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    Check this out Slang. I Have Seen Where it Grows by Demon Hunter is one of my favorite songs.

    I think it meets your criteria for a great song too.

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    Dude, Demon Hunter ranks very high up in my list of favourite bands of all the times. Way to be repping the original album too man. They have some of the best lyrics I've ever seen, and are freakin intense. Very solid band indeed, and have a lot of cool imagery incoporated with their music.

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    I went to their concert at Ace's Basement a few years ago. It was awesome, after the show I went up to the stage and prayed for God's guidance and blessings upon them.

    It is sad, but I've had people down them just because they are a Christian band and their lyrics are so themed.

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