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Thread: Thoughts on brand?

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    Default Thoughts on brand?

    Figure I need to be more active here, been neglecting it too long.

    Any who, there's a brand I found pretty cheap today called Tranquility. I haven't bought them yet but I was wondering if anyone else has tried them and if they were worth getting. I figure there must be a reason for the low price, in comparison to what I've seen with others.

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    If you are looking for something better than Depend or store brand than this is for you. They don't match up to Abri-form, Molicare, or Bambino. To make a better comparison the Tranquility ATN is like 3.5 times better than Depend.

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    Only thing I dont like about the ATN is the lack of waist band. But otherwise that, they're very comfortable.

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    Yes, they're the ATN, I didn't mention that as I didn't think it would have made a difference, guess I was mistaken. It's great to hear they're better than Depends as I'm not really a fan of them myself since an unfortunate incident with them a while back.

    Thanks for the help though everyone.

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    :bunny:Tranquility makes a full range of excellent products but the ATN is by far their best, most absorbent adult brief. On line they (ebay, etc) usually run upwards of $1.00 per diaper with shipping. If you found a better deal than that locally without having to wait (and pay) for shipping good for you!:bunny:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Me :p View Post
    Only thing I dont like about the ATN is the lack of waist band. But otherwise that, they're very comfortable.
    Ditto. The lack of waistband is a bummer, and they tend to clump up a bit with use, especially by the butt. On the plus side, they hold a lot, swell a lot, have a VERY nice plastic outside, and have very good leak guards.
    Now I know a lot of people here would prefer ATNs over Slimlines because they are thicker, but truth be told, ATNs (All-through-the-night's) are designed for sedentary, nighttime use. That is to say, they're not so well suited for active, daytime use, IMO. I haven't yet tried the Slimline, so I don't know if they're any better for daytime use, but be aware that at least the ATN's aren't the best of diapers if you plan on wearing them while you're out and about.

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