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Thread: When Words Become Superfluous

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    Default When Words Become Superfluous

    "A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous." -Ingrid Bergman

    Came across this article on a blog: Book of Odds: Interview with William Cane, Kissing Expert and thought it might be an interesting topic on what people like or don't (keep it clean, though!). I'm sure there's probably as much or more variation between individuals as broken down by the sexes in terms of what people like or don't, but this kind of thing might be helpful for anyone who wants to play the odds in improving their technique and making things better for everyone involved.

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    I do like kissing, but it's a very weird thing!
    I guess it's like sex in that if you want it to go well, it's probably best to know what your partner (or even you) want/enjoy...

    I'm not sure what specifically I like about kissing. I like being cute, and love showing affection with pecks on the cheek/lips.
    The heavy stuff is weirder though. I've 'made out' (our term is 'getting in to'/'got in to', but that's a bit weird) with quite a lot of girls, and they always use tongue. In fact I thought that 'making out' was synonymous with 'French kissing', yet the article seemed to suggest that women aren't as keen about the tongue...
    Perhaps the girls I've kissed were all weird.

    I do like the idea of kissing a woman on the neck and ears, even if I don't quite understand the pleasure they're meant to get from it. I like the idea of using my tongue in other places too.
    Doing stuff with the mouth seems appealing because... that's where your eyes are. That sounds weird, but you know what I mean. It's a front row seat!

    As for me being kissed, I really don't know what I like! Affectionate kisses on the cheeks/lips are always good.

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    That was a good article. I absolutely adore kissing and could spend hours enjoying kisses with the right person. I'm probably not your typical woman though in that for the most part, I control the kiss. There is nothing worse than someone trying to choke you with their tongue. I'm in the minority as well on the ear kiss. That really does nothing for me.

    For me I like a slow passionate kiss, with or without tongue. Beside the neck, I also enjoy my wrists, shoulders, and yes, the small of my back kissed.

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    When Words Become Superfluous! Perish the thought! The idea wounds the soul of the poet.

    Ahhh, a kiss, yes, a kiss hangs in the middle ground of existence. Between Heaven and Hell, in flux between the intent of the action and its perception. It is the shadow of emotion, either cool and refreshing in the heat of passion, or terrifying to quicken the heart of one in the depths of darkness, both afraid of those things unseen, and emotions unfamiliar.

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