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    What kind of phone does everyone have? I'm guessing the majority of people have a cell phone...I have a blue Krazr >__> (Too many phones to make a poll)

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    i am the only kid at school i know that doent have, or want a phone. for a couple of reasons. one, i hate talking on the phone, so why should i carry one with me. two, my dad calls constantly, so when i'm not home is the only time i can get away from the phone. and i can't afford it.

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    I went into my nearest O2 shop, and asked them for their cheapest phone. It was 20.

    I think it's a Nokia. It has many features: ringing people, texting people, snake 2, alarm clock. I think that's it.

    I hate all hi-tech phone stuff, I don't see the point. I almost considered buying an IPhone, but decided to get a classic and this cheapo phone instead. It was cheaper, and the IPod is better too.

    A phone is for ringing and texting, and maybe for playing snake 2... I'll pass on anything else.

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    I have 2 phones. A Verizon XV6700 smartphone and a Nokia 6030 that I use on AT&T's network.


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    Don't need one. Mainly, I can't afford one.

    Everyone above the age of 12 has a cell phone these days. It's a stupid, useless fad. I've seen a lot of people get addicted to their phones, and completely freak out when it breaks or they lose them.

    We've survived without cellphones for a long time, so why does everyone these days think they need one?

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