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    Remember a major achievement to someone else may not be impressive to you, but you still need to acknowledge their accomplishment.

    We often fail to realize this in the case of the 40 year old who finally learns to balance their checkbook as readily as the toddler learning to tie their shoes.

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    Is this supposed to be advice you are giving? or are you simply posting about the cartoon?

    Anyway, this was in a fortune cookie, so it must be true,
    "The world may be your oyster, but it doesn't mean you'll get its pearl"

    that 40 year old may never learn to balance that checkbook

    (dont ask me what I am saying, because I dont have a clue lol )

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    It is an editorial on a cute cartoon.
    My life screams for humor these days. I value a good laugh and cherish the cartoons that also involve philosophical thought and truisms.

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