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    Default A five year mission...

    I look back on what I have done in the past five years, and I feel like Capt. James T. Kirk on the completion of his first five-year mission in space. I feel like I have completed my own mission.

    It was five years ago this month I started my job, which I still hold down.

    It was five years ago I decided the past was the past, and that it was time to move on from the dark days of what I call the year of hell aka 2004, and work on bettering myself as a person with autism.

    I also found out that I WAS autistic at that time. That was obstacle number one. Obstacle number two was finding a job, a job I can work and be proud of. A job I have held for five years despite being constantly offered jobs I know would have me end up having a breakdown.

    A week from today, I will be nuclear-bombed drunk in celebration of that anniversary and the fact that I set out doing something I have never done before, hold a job for five years, and find out who I can trust when the red light's blinking, and the chips are down. I know who I can turn to when things are down.

    I feel like I have achieved a lot, and I feel like there are other things yet to achieve in life. I feel better about who I am, as an AB, and as a person in general.

    As I said earlier, I feel like Capt. James T. Kirk returning from the five-year mission of the USS Enterprise and I feel like there's a whole world out there to explore.


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    Congratulations, you sound like you have certainly had some hard times, and i wish you well. Congratulations for getting through it all.

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    Hell yeah man! Congratulations!

    Don't party too hard though, ok?

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    Fantastic. A testament to the power of the human mind.

    Drink sensibly. A carton of beer should do it. (In case other countries don't buy in cartons.. a carton is 24 beers)

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    Congratulations. Life is never easy. Right now I'm worrying if I will have the same job next year. Our state legislature has gutted all of the school money in Virginia. The new governor, who ran as an education governor, stated he wants Charter Schools. What an idiot!

    So holding a job for five years is an accomplishment in this day of destructive economic plans set forth by all the levels of government. It also means you took a lot of shit and just let it pass by. Good for you.

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    Congrats on boldly going where you haven't gone before! Don't get drunk enough to require assistance from Bones though

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    You rock! I applaud your plans of drunkenness. Depending upon your particular tastes, I can recommend a few libations upon which to get hammered. Pernod, in particular.

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