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Thread: Most Discreet Shipping??

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    Default Most Discreet Shipping??

    I'm looking into buying some good diapers here - Likely Bambinos, or something similar. I'd like some feedback here as to who has the most discreet shipping?

    Could I even get them to say on the box "Fragile" or something like that? And make it seem like its coming from a car parts warehouse? I've been ordering a lot of car parts online recently so I think it'd work but..

    I still live with my mom, and she does get curious about large packages. But, my mom's the paranoid type - But what can you do..

    Thanks for any feedback you may have.

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    All companies will ship discreetly, especial AB companies like Bambino's. A few medical places might send them in box's marked up but I don't think xp medical does. Also if you order a pack instead of a case it shouldn't be too big.

    Email em as well, and ask about getting a plain box, or one marked fragile. You are the customer, and they want your money :P.

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    Oh, ok, I guess I should try asking, I just though everyone here'd know a bt ore than I would about this.. Thanks

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