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Thread: Super Powers

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    Default Super Powers

    I am going to start another one of these up since the old ones are closed. Plus, I simply must share my intense passion for obtaining telekinesis after having to walk through a hall full of aimless people.

    So what super power would you want to have? Only one.

    Would you give up your diaper fetish to have it? I would.

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    Butterfly Mage


    If I could have any super power, it would be the ability to cure any disease and heal any injury (yeah, I'm a Wiccan, but Jesus was pretty cool when it came to miracles).

    If I could be rid of my diaper fetish, I would jettison it in a heartbeat.

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    I'd have the superpower to be invulnerable to harm or death, be it from direct physical forces or from age.
    Because I can and will choose that. :P

    Yes, I would get rid of my diaper fetish to have it.

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    Ice powers.

    Mainly for the fact I would constantly be telling everyone to chill and they would have no idea!

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    well i would love to lazer eyes

    and yes i would, as if you didnt like a speed camra you would just need to look at it

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    Teleportation, or super speed.

    And yes, I'd give it up if I HAD to, but if you think about it, my superpower would assist it =P

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    The ability to manipulate time would be pretty neat; I could the same piece of bacon over and over, and not get fat.

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