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    does any1 know their favorite type of diaper.
    mine that i still fit in;
    huggies supreme size 6
    pampers cruisers size 7
    luvs size 6

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    If you are larger than a child, baby nappies do not fit. They might stretch and do up, and hold some liquid, but they are too small. You would not buy a toddler size hat, scarf, socks or pants etc and stretch them to 'fit'. I understand that people would like to fit in them, but I find it confusing and slightly annoying that people keep claiming to. The reality is that toddler nappies are smaller than any clothes that fit someone larger than a child.

    I symphasise with people who don't have access to other adult sizes. However, I do have access to adult sizes, and that's why my favouriate nappy is Tena Slip Medium, because it fits!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shyguy16 View Post
    well khaymen what kind do yo wear
    Dude, I couldn't fit a pamper on my ankle as a bracelet.

    I use a variety of adult diapers though. Ranked in order of preference they are.

    Abena X Plus
    Secure Care
    First Quality

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    I could argue Pampers Baby Dry Size 6 'fit' me, but as Elli says, it's more of a stretch across my body. Not brilliant.

    My favourite would be cuddlz, although they're on the verge of being too large for me.

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    I like Pampers Cruisers Size 7. They smell nice and make great stuffers. I also enjoy Walgreen's Certainty Fitted Briefs. For more information, see the many other threads about these subjects, since I'm too lazy to retype it all.

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    well sorry for my thin body. i know i've seen pictures of people that can wear the baby diapers.

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    1. It's on my profile. If you're not able to see it, I'm not gonna tell you here.
    2. There's a big difference between being able to "wear" a diaper, and the diaper actually "fitting". Just because you can tape it up doesn't mean it'll fit, or function, correctly.

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