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Thread: Punishmeny ideas.

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    Default Punishmeny ideas.

    If any one has any ideas for punishments go ahead and take a few minutes to type them here please.
    One of my ideas is getting a buttplug in you (you know the ones that you have to keep sliding back in to keep inside ya) put on a diaper with stuffers that keep the butt pulg from lsidine out completly but still leave a few inches of slide room.For men wear a pair of pants that are realy baggy and keep the diaper exposed at the waist and butt and were a shirt that barley covers it then go to the supuer market and grab things from the bottm shelf.If there is no one bhind you bend over and pick an item from the bottom shelf.It will expose your diaper if there is someone bhind you bend at the knees or fall to one knee and the butt plug will beforced in farther(make sure it's one of the ones that start of slightly painfull but have an increasing width as you go farther down).
    Any buttplug punishment can be mad worse by adding glycerin suppositoreis first or other laxitves.
    And butt plugs can be exchanged fo figging.(carveing a butt plug out of ginger)It burns like when you insert it but will hurt ten times worse if you tighten your butt muslces.(also a good way to train becoming incontintent.

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    I feel ... unsafe.

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    Sorry, this is not a BDSM forum. Adult topics are welcome if they're a mature discussion, but this doesn'T seem to be very mature but is meant to get you sexually excited through BDSM practices.

    In short: We don't swing that way on ADISC. Please take the time to review The Rules, and then view this helpful video: How To Behave On An Internet Forum (Technology & Cars: Internet: Useful Tips)


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