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Thread: Art from which my Avatar is made from

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    Default Art from which my Avatar is made from

    "Doin' time in the 'pen"

    Have a look if your interested, the title pretty much leaves little to confuse.

    This was made on a program extremely close to mspaint. I finished it up so I could have something to put on my avatar.


    ...and yes, it was a pain in the tail.

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    He looks a little erm... deranged.

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    LOL! I'm not the greatest at faces, and I'm pretty tired right now so I didn't try enough to get a good expression. Most my art is lacking facial detail, which is why I don't have any others up for viewing. Basic pixel mouse art is a PITA!

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    Dear lord... I'll never understand how people can do art in MSPaint or any of its equivalents. Such a pain, especially with a mouse... Congrats on having that much patience. The playroom behind the mesh netting is pretty cool looking. I'm impressed with the level of detail in the background, especially given the program (does it handle layers?).

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    Ok, You have a tablet.

    OC 1.1
    Iscrible acount.
    OC 4.1
    Photoshop 5.0-8.0
    PAint tool SAI(Gold mine of artists drawing tool. Way beter then photoshop for drawing.)

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    Err... no, I do not have a tablet. That was all done by mouse. Yes, took a while.
    I've used photoshop before and love it, but still haven't transfered it from my older computer.

    The program doesn't do layers, but does single color transparancy, i.e. gif format. That's pretty much the only thing it has over mspaint.

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    CooL Love iT! Great artwork especially if this is on MS paint. Did you scan in the image and color and line the rest with a mouse, or was this all done on MS paint?

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    I might check into GIMP, I was just using what I had available.

    No scan, it was all start to finish in the paint-like program. Most of the trouble came from making verticle 'strokes' with the mouse, the horizontal ones are much more controllable for me. Like 20 undo's versus two or three to get the right line. Yeah I know, I need a tablet. When my cash flow goes back up from near-nil, I'm likely going to invest in one.

    Thanks for the comments. I have a half-dozen or so other ones that still need finishing, I just spread myself way too thin over all my projects to do so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WoXxY View Post
    Most of the trouble came from making verticle 'strokes' with the mouse, the horizontal ones are much more controllable for me. Like 20 undo's versus two or three to get the right line.
    No vector capabilities for drawing the straight lines? Then I'm doubly impressed (that's a lot of straight lines). I've drawn freehand straight lines with a mouse before... it is NOT easy. Just out of curiosity, how long did this take? Also: how did you do the mesh on the playpen. That can't possibly be all freehand... can it?

    I'm looking into getting a tablet, too. Using a mouse/touchpad for art just sucks all the fun out of it. I'd rather just use plain 'ol pencil and paper, but the thing is, digital coloring is so full and vibrant and... tempting. One could always draw in pencil, clean up the lines with ink, and then scan in for coloring (in fact, I have), but... the lines still aren't as crisp as if everything was done in digital. And coloring with a mouse still isn't that fun.

    FYI, now that Wacom has its Intuos4 line out, old stock of brand-new Intuos3 tablets can be had at nearly half price.

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