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Thread: Potty chair?

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    Default Potty chair?

    Most of the time when I'm in AB mode I want to be a baby in diapers but sometimes I want to be a toddler being potty trained. I wonder if there will ever be an adult sized potty chair. Are there any?

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    Uh... Most adults are potty trained and the rest are incontinent.

    No middle ground...

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    I remember using one of these when I was being potty-trained. o: I don't think there'll ever be one though, unless you make it yourself somehow.

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    You can get something at a medical supply store, for disabled people who need some stability on the potty.

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    As someone who prefers real baby furnishings, you might try googling "potty chairs" to see what's on the market. As long as the design allows for a little larger rump to fit on the seat, the pot should be sufficient size to handle your bodily functions. Some I've seen have soft seats and look right comfy.


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    try doing a google for "Special needs potty"

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    There is one thing that does come to mind and that is a 'commode'. Its like a potty chair for the elderly. (see below)

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    all you would need is access to a vcume former to make your own.
    and saying that there could be a market for them so cash in

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    They are called commode chairs, they can be found at all medical supply stores, you can baby them up by adding decals and childish coloring.

    Sometimes they can be found at thrift stores that have used medical stuff, mostly is it an aluminum frame adjustble in height with a toilet seat and a fitted bucket with cover.

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