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Thread: Shyguy16:"hi"

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    Red face Shyguy16:"hi"

    um hi i know that this is my first time posting but i just feel like i need 2.

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    Hello shyguy16, welcome to ADISC, why don you tell us a little bit about yourself, any hobbies/interests

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    well i'm just a regular tb. i love to play video games and eventrading card games. i just got back in to yu-gi-oh a few months ago due to a friend of mine.

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    Interesting that you refer to yourself as male, yet your listed sex is 'Female'.

    And your foster mom diapers you 24/7, you say? Hmm.....

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    sorry i hav't been feelng good the past few days when i went to edit my prfile my mouse must have jumped when i sneezed as for the 24/7 diapering that true. it's weird at first but i got use to it i'm home schooled so i don't really need to worry about my secret getting out

    and wait a minute "chillhouse"... you the guy that wrote the tb story with the millions of different options. man that was great story
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    of course i'm a fan. you write amazing stories. especialy with the chose your own adventure story

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    Thumbs up

    Hi there and welcome to the site, hope you enjoy it here!

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