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    Hello Everyone

    I am a little sissy, or so i think i am, I need to find someone who would with bondage, make me saty as a 2 month old sissy baby gurl, use Bondage, abduction pants, a pacifier gag, heavy heavy diapers, and the frilliest little girl dresses of satin or PVC on me and i will be in heaven. Anyone wants to chat with me or e-mail me is more than welcome to.

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    First post and trying to find someone to meet up with already?

    Sorry to break the news but were not that kind of website.

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    Welcome to ADISC.

    This is not your usual AB/DL site. It's a support community. As such, this is not the place to be if that's all you're looking for.

    I notice you joined the site in October, which means you're not exactly new. Perhaps you needed to post in order to keep viewing the site, or perhaps you just never came back until now. If that is the case, please have a look around, read the stickies, and get a feel for the place to decide if this is where you want to be.

    While we do sometimes discuss things like this, it's not really suitable for your introduction. We are all far more interested in getting to know you as a person, such as your hobbies and interests, your ambitions in life etc.

    If you feel like you do want to stick around and make some good friends, then please do tell us a bit more about yourself outside of diapers.

    Hope you enjoy it here.

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    Adbuction pants?

    ...To the google-mobile!


    After googling, I lost interest. But I did not return empty handed!

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    Hahaha! CutGaachan, you just made an uninteresting post all worth it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuteGaachan View Post
    Awwww that's soo cute

    Hello sissybabyjamie , Welcome to ADISC

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    Welcome to ADISC! Do you have any interests or hobbies that you would like to share? I hope that you enjoy your time here and also our supportive community we have here as well. Peace and Love

    Keep in mind that this is a support site and not a dating site. Keep in mind that there are minors on this site and aside from that just enjoy your time here.

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